Believe (Compilation - November 18, 1998 on Zero Records, Japan)

Info   Believe is a Japanese compilation spotlighting the four Savatage albums that have been released in that Japan on the Zero label. The album is intended to keep Savatage material on display in Japanese music stores. Believe is a selection of tracks that the band feels showcase key turning points for the band during the 1990's. The extensive liner notes include a well written track by track description and band history by Clay Marshall.

No previously unreleased tracks were released on this album.

Track listing  
01.  Believe (Streets)  
02.  Visions (Instrumental) (Handful Of Rain)  
03.  Taunting Cobras (Handful Of Rain)  
04.  Handful Of Rain (Handful Of Rain)  
05.  Chance (Handful Of Rain)  
06.  Sarajevo (Dead Winter Dead)  
07.  This Is The Time (Dead Winter Dead)  
08.  This Isn't What We Meant (Dead Winter Dead)  
09.  Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12-24) (Instrumental) (Dead Winter Dead)  
10.  Edge Of Thorns (Japan Live '94)  
11.  Gutter Ballet (Japan Live '94)  
12.  The Dungeons Are Calling (Final Bell)  
13.  Sirens (Final Bell)  
14.  Criss Oliva Guitar Solo (Final Bell)  
15.  Hall Of The Mountain King (Final Bell)  
16.  Alone You Breathe (Handful Of Rain)  

Notes   Though technically the song "Believe" was never released on Zero, but what would any Savatage compilation be without the song? Not Complete. So proper dues were paid and it became the title track.

The Best and the Rest was a compilation with tracks largely selected by a fan vote. Believe is more of what the band thinks is its best work, and the purpose of this compilation is to showcase key turning points for the band during the 1990's.

The album has an extensive Savatage biography and detailed liner notes, including background information behind every song represented here. They were written by Clay Marshall, and appear inside the album in both English and Japanese.

Liner notes   Liner notes by Clay Marshall

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