Handful Of Rain (1994)
Handful Of Rain - SPV re-release (1998)

Info   This album was Alex Skolnick's first production with Savatage. Alex was recruited to fill in for the late Criss Oliva.

The cover art was done by Gary Smith, who also did the art for the Hall of the Mountain King.

Jon Oliva and Paul O'Neill did the writing and producing of this album. And even though Jon was not listed in the list of band members, he did play piano on the disc.

Jon reportedly is responsible for all lyrics.

Band members  
Zachary Stevens Vocals
Alex Skolnick Guitar
Johnny Lee Middleton Bass
Steve Wacholz Drums

Track listing  
01.  Taunting Cobras 3:21   Complete song
02.  Handful Of Rain 5:00   20 Second Clip
03.  Chance 7:48  
04.  Stare Into The Sun 4:42  
05.  Castles Burning 4:38  
06.  Visions (Instrumental) 1:25  
07.  Watching You Fall 5:20  
08.  Nothing's Going On 4:07  
09.  Symmetry 5:03  
10.  Alone You Breathe 7:29   20 Second Clip
  Total 49:03  
Bonus-track on the European SPV re-release:
11.  Somewhere In Time/Alone You Breathe (acoustic version) 4:38  
  Total 53:41  


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