Christopher Michael "Criss" Oliva
Birthday Announcement Update


A recent article in Astronomy Magazine (April 2001) had cast a shadow of doubt regarding the legitimacy of the International Star Registry.

Because there will be no chances taken in associating Christopher Michael Oliva with any persons or organizations that are not of the utmost integrity, it has been decided that the Christopher Michael Oliva star project will be terminated at this time.

Also, because there is now only 10 days till the April 3rd date of Criss' birthday, it leaves little time to find an alternate "gift" that could adequately replace the star dedication. However, because all funds above and beyond the cost of the star would have been donated to the Christopher Michael Oliva Fund within the CADD/Alcohol Free Kids organization, instead, ALL funds will now be donated. Additionally, a card will still be presented to the Oliva family which will contain the names of all those who have donated in Criss' memory for his birthday.

Should any of those people who have graciously donated to the star project not wish their donation to go to the Christopher Michael Oliva Fund please e-mail Alternate arrangements will be made.

Original Criss Oliva Birthday Announcement