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If you see something erroneous (heaven forbid) please e-mail me...FAQ
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New DB album due out Someday...

The new DB album, "The Good, The Bad and the Butchered" is 
planned to be record at some point, but it is likely to be way 
into the 2000. 
The Doctor Butcher Demos have been "released" though a small pressing.

The band is negotiating a deal with Metal Blade which would get their
debut album into U.S. stores, finally.


In general, this disc is well worth the expense and trouble involved in
locating a copy of it.  I can't imagine anyone that likes Savatage not
loving this disc.

Band Lineup

Voc/Bass/Keys         Jon Oliva
Guitar/Bass           Chris Caffery
Drums                 John Osborn

Bass (live)           Brian Gregory

Producer         Jon Oliva & Chris Caffery
Written by       Jon Oliva & Chris Caffery

Jon's other duty: sweep the studio floor every evening.

Doctor Butcher -- Doctor Butcher (1995)

1.) The Altar                          5:39
2.) Don't Talk To Me                   3:02
3.) Season Of The Witch                6:19
4.) Reach Out And Torment Someone      2:28
5.) Juice                              1:43
6.) The Chair                          6:13
7.) Innocent Victim                    5:20
8.) The Picture's Wild                 4:45
9.) Lost In The Dark                   4:52
10.)I Hate, You Hate...We All Hate     4:34
11.)All For One, None For All          4:41
                                Total 49:36

Dedication at the end of the liner notes:

"I would like to dedicate my playing on this album to the memory and love of
a good friend and big brother - Christopher Michael Oliva - RIP buddy."

Lyrically, the best way to describe this album is "bitter."  In fact, Jon says
so himself on track number 10;  "Forgive me if I seem bitter. . ."  I guess a
certain amount of bitterness on Jon's part is more than understandable.
There is a lot of good stuff to be said lyrically here, however.

Most of the songs on the album either remind me of a specific Savatage song,
or at least have the "feel" of a certain album, and this is how I chose to
categorize them.

1. The Altar (5:39)

A very strong opening song.  This one has a definite HOTMK feel to it.
     Very powerful guitars, and a very dark, gothic feel.  (Actually, this
     song reminds me of "The Heretic", off of WASP's "Headless Children",
     which by the way is a great album - about a million times better than
     anything else WASP ever recorded)  Overly sensitive Catholics might
     want to avoid reading the lyrics.

2. Don't Talk To Me (3:02)

This one also has a strong HOTMK feel to it;  the verses sound a lot like
     "Legions" - the rhythm/bass is quite similar. Very powerful group vocals.
     A very aggressive song, both musically and lyrically.

3.  Season Of The Witch   (6:19)
      After a slow intro, this has the raw, powerful guitar feel of DAC
      (the album, not the song), although the arrangement has the
      complex, layered feeling of later stuff like GB.  It has several
      different tempos at different times.  Very heavy, somewhat slow
      guitars.  This is the first of several songs on the album that feature
      an interesting vocal style -  some vocals have a "far away" sound
      to them, sort of like you're listening to them over a telephone.  It
      works very well with the tone of this song, giving it a sort of dark
      foreboding sound that goes perfectly with the lyrics.

4. Reach Out And Torment Someone (2:28)

The only 'tage song I can compare this to is "Taunting Cobras", since it
      is very much thrash-style metal.  (Maybe Jon is hanging out with Alex a
      lot?)  It would be a nightmare to transcribe the lyrics since they're
      just too fast to hear very well.  A great song for anyone that's ever
      gotten so sick of the phone ringing that you wanted to throw the damn
      thing across the room.  It features a solo that has several annoying phone
      calls in the background:  "This is First National Bank calling"; ". . .
      (female voice) why didn't you call me?";  "(can't catch the third one)";
      "Mr. Osborn, this is your probation officer..."  It also features some
      classic Jon screams.

5. Juice (1:43)

This is essentially an intro to the next song;  it reminds me a lot of
       "Last Dawn", which acts as an intro to "Devastation" on HOTMK.  Mostly
       slow, quiet instrumental, with a few lines at the end, ending in
       a classic HOTMK-style, evil laugh by Jon, leading into . . .

6. The Chair (6:13)

In my opinion, far and away the best song on the album.  In fact, one of
     the great metal songs I know.  This is the only song on this album (and
     practically any other) that I ALMOST put in the same category as the song
     HOTMK.  The first part features fairly slow, VERY heavy guitar and vocals
     that remind me a bit of "Devastation".  The second part begins with the
     zapping sound of the electric chair in the background (a great effect),
     and it's a much faster, really cool guitar riff that reminds me a lot of
     the bridge part in Metallica's "Four Horsemen."  The last 2 minutes is
     an excuse for Caffery to show off, and I think it's the best guitar
     work on the album.  This is clearly the class of the album, and it may
     or may not be a coincidence that it's in the same spot on the disc that
     HOTMK is on that album - sixth spot, with an intro before it.

7. Innocent Victim (5:20)

A nice change of pace after the driving intensity of the last 3 1/2
     minutes of "The Chair".  This is a strange song in some ways, about a
     mentally disturbed person.  This is the 2nd time we hear the "far away"
     vocal style first heard on "Season of The Witch", and here it does a
     good job of conveying the feel of mental instability; it brings to mind
     voices in the head of a deranged person.  If this were on a Savatage
     album, it would almost certainly be Gutter Ballet.

8. The Picture's Wild (4:45)

After another slow intro, this has the hard-driving, raw guitar sound of
     "Agony and Ecstasy" (Streets)  and "Nothing Going On" (Handful of Rain).
     Another very aggressive song.

9. Lost In The Dark (4:52)

This song has "Streets" writen all over it.  In fact, if you slipped it
     between "St. Patrick's" & "Can You Hear Me Now" a lot of people probably
     wouldn't even notice.  To me, the thing that distinguishes Streets is
     the vocal style - I think Jon sounds somewhat different on Streets than
     any other album - somehow more emotional.  That same sound really jumps
     out at you when you listen to this song.

10. I Hate, You Hate . . . We All Hate (4:34)

Probably the most bitter song on the album.  The intro and the chorus
     simulate a nursery rhyme.  I think this song would fit in very nicely
     on Power of The Night.  I'm not entirely sure why, but about half the
     times I listen to it, it reminds me of "Skull Session."

11. All For One, None For All (4:41)

A very good closing song.  The outstanding feature here is a vocal duo
     - Jon with himself through the magic of electronics.  This song has the
     "far away" vocal sound, but it's layered over Jon singing the same words
     in the more conventional style.  It's a very cool effect.  Overall, this
     song has a HOTMK feel to it, bringing the album full circle very nicely.

Lyrics to 'Doctor Butcher' (transcribed by Dave Sobecki)

I have noticed one or two places where the printed lyrics differ from those
on the disc, but I was drunk when I typed these up and couldn't remember
where the differences were.  Oh well, if these aren't the EXACT lyrics,
they're damn close.


1.  The Altar

The stained glass lights the way
On their knees the congregation prays
Collection plate is passed your way
Jesus looks down from the sky
A tear fills his eye
In the fires of hell you're all gonna pay

In the rectory basement of sin
A meeting ready to begin
Something in the eye says
Holy father you're telling me lies
Searching - Mother Mary finds the tunnel of love
Touching - In the name of the Lord above

Step up - Up to the altar
Kneel down - Down on your knees and pray
Step up - Up to the altar
A priest - Is playing his organ again

Sacrificial bishop cracks the sky
Upon the altar a virgin lies
No Hail Mary gonna save you now
Looking - For choir boys and girls
Hoping - He just wants a brand new toy

2.  Don't Talk To Me

People try to tell me, they're all telling lies
I can see right through their evil lies
Always try to make me something that I'm not
Preach! Preach! Preach! Will it ever stop

Don't talk to me - I don't wanna talk about it
Don't talk to me - Leave me alone
Don't talk to me - I'm sick and tired of you
Your talk - talk - talk - talk - FUCK YOU!

Parents always fighting whenever I'm at home
I just lock myself inside my room
Put on something heavy to get me through my day
I sometimes wish that I could go away

Don't you ever push me, Don't push me too far
I don't care who the hell you are

3.  Season Of The Witch

Listen to me I'll tell you something that you
         may not want to hear
I know about those games you plan, I know about
                your fear
Live alone, better lock your door, gonna come
        for you, what you wanna do
I know these things that no one knows

Burn in the night, hands held to the sky
Breathing like a dog in the season of the witch
Burn in the night, hands held to the sky
Breathing like a dog in the season of the witch

I just know your souls too cold to love
I search for ways to see inside your world
Live alone, better lock your door, gonna come
For you, what you wanna do
I don't give a shit anymore

Lost inside your sorrow
Lost inside your sorrow

4.  Reach Out And Torment Someone

Who's that calling on the phone
Leave me the mother fuck alone
I just need to get some sleep
I've been up for half a week
Watching night turn into day
Spending all my hard earned pay
On bitches, bills, this and that
Leave the phone where it's at

Reach out and torment someone
Reach out and show 'em you don't care
Reach out and torment someone
Reach out and show 'em you don't care

Credit cards are overdrawn
When I call that bitch she's never home
But when I'm swimming in the cash
She's always there to give me ass
Bought her clothes, fed her face
That's the price for getting laid
When I think I'm over it all
That's when I get that fucking call

5.  Juice

All fears kept inside the heart
But none can quite compare
He's pleading to God above
Don't send me to the chair

6.  The Chair

Face your dying day
Final judgement is passed today
In your cell, cold sweats
No remorse, no regrets
For the crimes he'd commit
Violent passions, reliving it
Every breath that was heard
Was the victim's final word

Another life just passing by
What's on the mind
When the convict fries

Trapped in your cell
But it's really a living hell
Final hour it begins
Soul crawling under your skin
There's a priest at the door
Who could ask for any more
Speaks your last - last rites
Now you're gone just like the light

There's nowhere for you to run
Living under the gun, praying to God

Another life just passing by
What's on the mind
When the convict fries
Such a lovely way to die

Christ comes to call
Now's your time to take your fall
Start your walk to the chair
Hell awaits - You'll soon be there
Never mind what you see
It's just an offering to thee
Tape your eyes - no sight
Now you're gone just like the light

There's nowhere for you to run
Living under the gun, praying to God

I reflect on the chairs of my past
How this one will be my last
Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Condemn me to hell, where I will roast
Church pew, school desk, waiting rooms
I confess
Complications that arise from attempted suicide
So I start a killing spree that led me to this destiny
No one left who really cares
As I fry in the chair

7.  Innocent Victim

I'm an innocent victim, I live in confusion
Everything that I see, I see through misery
Have a soul, I've lost control
I need a fix of anything
To ease my pain, Keep me sane
Help escape reality

I'm losing my way

I search for solution, instead I find delusions
You see there are excuses for these self-inflicted abuses
Rehab failed and so did jail
This twisted fucked up life I lead
Chose no hope, Who can cope
With this cruel insanity

I'm losing my way
I'm losing my way

Why doesn't anyone listen
Soul cries out in torment
Out on the streets I'm looking
For anything I can get
Why doesn't anyone help me
Doesn't anyone care
It's easy for me to see now
Life just ain't fair

I'm losing my way
I'm losing my way

8.  The Picture's Wild

Sacrifice your life
Working your way to the top of the ladder
Just a slave to the world's decay
No way out, need a stiff drink
Just to get through the day
You can say

The picture's wild
The picture's wild
The picture's wild
The picture's wild; wild, wild, wild

Everything's a rip off
Everyone's uptight
Fucked up generation
Still can't get it right
Every God damn move you mkae is on file
You can say

Terorism, communism on the streets every day
You can see it on the evening news
It's the way of the world
Can't take it, Never will
It's life as we know it
You can say

9.  Lost In The Dark

Life of desperation that's his way
Searching for a light to shine today, But I know
That it won't help me
Jesus can't you feel my pain
I'm so tired, twisted and insane
Take a look in my eyes

There's no living!  Forgiving! God help me please

I'm lost in the dark
I don't know which way I'm facing
I reach to feel my way, A life caught in the maze

There's no living!  Forgiving! God help me please

Institution, no solution, this is destiny I know
Living, living, scared of dying
Wonder where it is I'll go
Oh no, no, no
Oh no, no, no
Lost in the dark
Lost in the dark

10.  I Hate, You Hate - We All Hate

I hate, you hate - we all hate!!

Hate on the streets, school deaths increase
On the rise, crack suicide
Pre-teens with guns, perverted nuns, this life -
I hate it all!!
Blood in the east, western disease
Honest charities, rest in peace
Politician scum, fucking everyone
This life - I hate it all

I hate, you hate - we all hate

Fathers teaching sons, hate the different ones
Religious lies, brainwashed minds
That is the way kids are brought up today
This life - I hate it all!!

I hate, you hate - we all hate

Forgive me if I seem bitter
Forgive me if I seem cold
I've taken all that I'm gonna take
So leave me alone, leave me alone

I hate, you hate - we all hate

Girlfriend's a slut, I've had enough
Two faced friends appear again
That's their mistake, maybe one day
Give me a gun, shoot everyone
Pay back's a bitch, dirty tricks
End up in jail with no bail
On death row, you never know
This life - I hate it all!!

11.  All For One, None For All

It's every man for himself now
That's the way it's gonna be
A nation armed and ready
Civil war that's sure to be
In a future as things just keep going on
Young people die in the future for children

All for one, none for all
All for one, none for all - no none at all

It's a world of confusion
Got to look out for number one
If you don't no one else will
Leaves you under the gun
Alone you stand, a shadow by your side
On your face I can see the misfortune

All for one, none for all
All for one, none for all - no none at all