Legion Fanclub

In the coming months, we here at savatage.com will be bringing you the all new Legion Fanclub On-line. This will be your internet alternative to the now defunct Legion Fanclub. The new fanclub will consists of many new exciting features as well as some Legion Fanclub favorites. Some things you can expect are:

  • Conversation Piece Online - Written by Clay Marshall
  • Savatage Merchandise distributed by Nuclear Blast America
  • Monthly contests and giveaways, where fans get the chance to win rare Savatage merchandise
  • The Savatage Street Team - Help promote your favorite band in your local neighborhood and receive all kinds of cool Savatage items in return
  • Legions On-Line Mailing list - we will keep you up to date on tour dates and other Savatage happenings

the fanclub

These are just a few of the exciting plans we have for the brand new Legions On-line Fanclub. If you are interested in joining the new fanclub, please register by submitting an e-mail to legion@savatage.com. Please include the following in the e-mail:

  • Name*
  • City, State, Country*
  • E-Mail Address*
  • ICQ and AOL IM screen name** (Optional)
  • Also please specify if you are interested in joining the Savatage Street Team so we can send you more information

*This information is used strictly for savatage.com and Legion Fanclub On-line purposes. It may be used to notify you by e-mail about current Savatage happenings such as tour dates and any major news. You must register to be eligible for any prize giveaways.

**Please include this information if you are interested in being listed in the Savatage Fan Online directory, which will be part of the Fanclub.