Christopher Michael "Criss" Oliva
Flowers For Criss


October 17th will mark the 8th anniversary of the passing of Criss Oliva. This year in rememberance of Criss we would like to place a special floral arrangement at his gravesite. The arrangement will be made to resemble the guitar on the Streets album, with the roses winding up the guitar. There will also be a ribbon that will read "From your loving fans around the world".

The cost to have the arrangment made is approximately $300. Would would like to ask that fans donate $5 each in order to achieve this goal. Should we surpass the cost, any extra money will be donated to the Criss Oliva Fund within the CADD/ Alcohol Free Kids organization.

If you are interested in being a part of this rememberance of Criss, please send e-mail to Please put "Floral arrangement" in the subject line. Donations will be accepted until Friday, October 12th.

Thank you.