Interview with Jack Frost
by krueger


What is Jack Frost currently up to?

Getting ready to do the (Savatage) West Coast tour and head out to Europe and in between, getting all the tunes together for the next Seven Witches CD.

How many bands have you played for in your career? Could you name them all?

Well, pro bands would be Frostbite, Bronx Casket Co., Speed, Seven Witches, Metalium, and of course Sava.

How did you land the Savatage gig?

I took over for Chris in Metalium and we have been friends for years. When Al left we kind of talked about it and when it came down to looking they thought I was a good guy to get. Boy Am I lucky.

Do you plan on ever releasing a solo CD?

Well, Witches is close to it. I write it all so no need to, but maybe someday, but I have so much (going on) now (it's) not even on my mind.

I heard you were a fan before you got the gig. How many times have you seen Savatage live before you joined the band?

Wow about 10 times from back in the day to a few years back and now I see them all the time. Haha!

How are the fans responding to you being in the band?

Just amazing. they have made me feel like I have been here forever. They are the best in the world, very supportive for sure.

Savatage did some festivals out in Europe back in June/July and toured with Judas Priest. How did it go and how was the response?

Just killer we went out every night with a fire under our ass and it seemed the fans ate it up as much as we did.

Were there any bands you enjoyed watching at these festivals?

Oh yeah, Armored Saint just tear it up and Vicious Rumors were so fuckin tight, and of course watching Priest was always a day at school for me, they let you know where it all came from.

How was Brazil compare to Europe?

That's hard. They were both on it, just going crazy and very cool to talk to, it doesn't matter where you are they are all great.

We all know that this band has a lot of funny road stories to tell. Do you have any funny road stories to tell from the Poets & Madmen tour so far?

Yeah, Taz our light guy was at the hotel bar and he walked into a glass door, he tried to act like it didn't happen, it was so funny, it's hard, we have so much fun together, we must laugh 24/7, I never smiled so much in my life, I love these guys they're my brothers.

Who influenced you to play guitar or band?

Kansas, John Sykes, Kiss, Priest, and the Beatles.

What are your favorite bands and what are you currently listening to?

Well, Priest, Maiden, Fates Warning, Journey. Stuff I'm listening to is Amanda Marshall, Stereo Mud, Fuel, the new Stevie Nicks.

What do you do with your spare time?

Haha, now that's funny. What spare time, that's when I sleep.

What is your favorite guitar to bring on the road?

Jackson all the way the best axes in the world.

Do you have anything to say to the fans or Savatage Nomads?

Well, this is easy, Thanks so much for believing in me. It's a great honor to be in one of the greatest metal bands. I thank my band mates and the fans everyday for making my dreams come true. I now know what happiness is.