Düsseldorf, Germany
November 17, 1998

from RockHard, January 1999 (Germany)
by Frank Albrecht
translated by Ellen Bakvis

  • Underture (Intro)
  • Nothing's Going On
  • Chance
  • Jesus Saves
  • Edge Of Thorns
  • Taunting Cobras
  • The Hourglass
  • Blackjack Guillotine
  • Streets
  • Strange Wings
  • Ghost In The Ruins
  • The Wake Of Magellan
  • Tonight He Grins Again
  • New York City Don't Mean Nothing
  • Believe
  • The Storm
  • City Beneath The Surface
  • The Dungeons Are Calling
  • Sirens
  • Gutter Ballet
  • Silk And Steel
  • Sleep
  • Stare Into The Sun
  • Only Women Bleed
  • Not What You See
  • Another Way
  • Power Of The Night
  • Christmas Eve
  • Hall Of The Mountain King


It' s a fact that Savatage have been touring a lot lately, and basically they came to Europe again to make up for the gigs that were canceled last summer. But because they are an extraordinary band without any doubt, they have come up with something entirely new and are offering their fans a kind of Monumental-Medley , consisting of more than 30 songs almost without a break , including ( thank God !) a lot of their old material that especially in direct comparison - like on this evening - stands out from the new stuff.

But ofcourse the more recent tracks have also got their charm, especially when they are convincingly offered in such a heartfelt manner. Savatage are blindly used to each others ways , technically risen above any doubt and above all things extremely brotherly towards their colleagues ; both support bands showed appreciation for the fair treatment that they received. As though this should be optically reinforced, Jon Oliva brings Rough Silk - keyboardist Ferdy on stage during "Believe" to play the keys together with him.

The first acoustic encore part is definitely also uncommon. It even includes an Alice Cooper cover version with "Only Women Bleed" (Al Pitrelli was part of Cooper's tour band for a while ). The only one showing a little weakness today is the usually very active bassist Johnny Lee Middleton, who - as will become evident later on - is having some health problems and will be transported to the hospital after the gig. But even though the sound and other circumstantial matters are far from optimal , Savatage are once again offering their fans an impressive setting . And that deserves respect!

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