Live Music Hall
August 20,1999

from RockHard, October 1999 (Germany)
by Boris Kaiser
translated by Yvonne Kluitman
corrected by Colleen Migliore

  • City Beneath The Surface
  • Holocaust
  • Warriors
  • Legions
  • Dead Winter Dead
  • Chance
  • Jesus Saves
  • Edge Of Thorns
  • Wake Of Magellan
  • One Child
  • Storm
  • Tonite He Grins Again
  • NYC
  • Stare Into The sun
  • Streets
  • Strange Wings
  • Ghost In The Ruins
  • Summers Rain/Believe
  • Sirens/Gutter Ballet
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Power Of The Night
  • Hourglass
  • Mt.King / 12-24


It was something like a sancutary at the PopKomm weekend: the SAVATAGE gig. It is, in all honesty, pretty incredible in which kind of a farce hard rock tones are living in nowadays, while the very "mega-important" mob is shakinghands over champane. Next to the Bizarre festival, it was the only hardrock/metal event of those four days.

It's no wonder that the Live Music Hall was already filled almost completelywhen the first band of the evening , FREEDOM CALL, climbed the stage, showing us that they are appetizing, but in the end haven't got enough new ideas to keep people's attention.

SKEW SISKIN ,on the other hand, are not having entity problems at all. Nina's "smokey-powerful" voice is taking care of that, although she shouldn't be talking that much, 'cos even after 15 Kölsch (German beer Doug !/YK) you can't consume this much nonsense. Musically, everything was alright, they rocked and rolled through their "up till now albums", showed us some hidden jewels off their new album (f.e. "Life's a Bitch" ), covered Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love"quite good and ended the show with an extended version of the probably most well known Siskin song, "If the Walls Could Talk".

As SAVATAGE came out, things really got started, 'cos the Florida Boys loaded their back sacks with lots of surprises. When you have to fullfill the great expectations of your fans and you can get away with something unexpected with the first songs you play, you are one of the biggest.

Let's be honest, even most of the die hard fans had to listen twice and search their memory before they could recognize both openers (hmmmm, I didn't have to/YK), "Holocaust" and "Warriors".

Nevertheless it wasn't gonna stay with this one good idea: after all not many bands can really pull off Queen's omnipotent "Bohemian Rhapsody". Since Cologne, Savatage is one of those that can ! performing it in the first encore.... Want more? Okay: "Power of the Night", "Hall of the Mountain King" (Hourglass~12/24/YK)....before closing time. Unbelievable! Oliva & Co. While the set, carried out by their terrificly good mood, moved on through almost all their carreer triumphs, of which the biggest was a brilliant version of "Summers Rain" going over into the final chords of "Believe"..... Magnificent!!! In this shape, Savatage is one of the biggest rock bands nowadays.

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