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bob kinkel - keyboards, writer
born - november 17
location - buffalo, ny
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Robert Kinkel earned a BA in music at Hamilton College, studying composition, piano and organ. He minored in physics and received a fellowship to study Solid State Physics in Columbia University's Master's Program. He left halfway through the program taking a job at the Record Plant Studios in New York, where he soon began working as an assistant engineer on productions for artists such as "The Who," "The Police", and "Genesis."

He next began to work as an independent session keyboard player and writer. He wrote, played on, and/or produced hundreds of Jingles, including the phenomenally successful "Hefty Wimpy" ad campaign. Kinkel scored music for MTV, Nickelodeon's "Clarissa Explains it All," Al Franken's audiobook, "Why Not Me," and industrials for AT&T and Verizon. Additionally, he helped pioneer a technique of sound design using and manipulating pure sound in a musical way, creating the sound logo for "A Current Affair" and bringing an entire office building to life for "Diet Coke."

He began his collaboration with Paul O'Neill and Jon Oliva on the "Savatage" album "Hall of the Mountain King," playing keyboards and doing orchestrations. With subsequent "Savatage" albums he began writing and producing as well. Behind the scenes with Savatage, Robert moved out front as a member of the Creative Team for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, writing, producing, playing keyboards and serving as Musical Director for all albums, T.V. shows and concerts.

Source: Trans-Siberian Orchestra Official Homepage