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the savatage f.a.q

All information collected for the FAQ has come from a number of different sources. If you have any questions or comments please contact

Special thanks to:
Savatage members past and present for working with us on this
- Brian Reichow, the keeper of the original FAQ on this site-
- Matt Venuti for all of his rewrites and research-
-Also thanks to Joachim Weber, George Simone, Clay Marshall and Kathy Tijou for the countless number of hours that it has taken to put this together and updated-


abbreviations you should know

*Tage - savatage
*DAC - Dungeons Are Calling
*POTN - Power of the Night
*FFTR - Fight For the Rock
*HOTMK - Hall of the Mountain King
*GB - Gutter Ballet
*EOT - Edge of Thorns
*HOR - Handful of Rain
DWD - Dead Winter Dead
*TWOM - The Wake of Magellan
*P&M - Poets and Madmen
*Doc - Dr. Killdrums/Steve Wacholtz



Section 1. Members, Past and Present
Section 2. The Albums - Part 1
Section 3. The Albums - Part 2
Section 4. Misc. Questions and Facts