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press release - march 5, 2001


NEW YORK/TAMPA, Fla. - Symphonic Rock band Savatage, which recorded its new album Poets & Madmen as a quartet, has returned to a six-piece with the announcement of a new vocalist and second guitarist.

Florida musician Damond Jiniya joins the group as the new vocalist. "We found Damond by accident at a mutual friend’s house near my hometown in Florida," Oliva said. "When he opened his mouth to sing, we were all blown away." Former vocalist Zak Stevens left Savatage due to family commitments just prior to the recording of Poets & Madmen.

Jack Frost will take on the duties of second guitarist, replacing Al Pitrelli, who now plays in Megadeth. Frost’s resume includes Seven Witches, Bronx Casket Co., Speeed, and Metalium. "We’ve been friends with Jack Frost for years and always felt that we had great chemistry," said founding member Jon Oliva. "So, when Al left, we thought he was perfect for the direction of the band."