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press release - poets and madmen - april 18, 2001

"Staggeringly powerful and endlessly imaginative," are a few of the quotes critics have used to describe the music of Savatage. Spanning a career including 12 studio and 2 live albums, the group has developed a devoted fan base in both the United States and many countries abroad.

Several of their albums have strong underlining themes. "Streets" explored the labyrinth of drug addictions; "Dead Winter Dead", ethnic hatred and "The Wake of Magellan" the meaning of a moment of life.

With their newest release "Poets and Madmen", Savatage explore the dangers of not looking deeper at the individuals, objects and incidence that surround all our lives. It is about the peril of accepting the facade. The peril of judging a person, place or object too quickly.

It's about the fact that sometimes the things that are hidden the deepest, tell us the most.

"Poets and Madmen" starts when three young men enter a building that appears is not. Once inside, they discover a lone patient somehow left behind. At first he becomes the butt of their jokes. They see him as a loser, but, as they read his case file still hanging outside his door, they discover that he is a world famous photographer. At first this only re-enforces their contempt for him, but in time they will discover things that will completely reverse their feelings.

Welcome to "Poets and Madmen"...Savatage's newest concept record. We hope you enjoy the music, the story and if you look deep enough beneath the surface you may uncover that the band has hidden one extra thing in this album. Something that might make the story cut a little deeper, ring a little truer...echo a bit longer.