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zak stevens - vocals
born - may 3, 1966
location - bowling green, ky
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Zak Stevens was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky. His father did a lot of traveling in his management job as a utilities contractor. Zak grew up in Columbia, South Carolina after his family settled down there when he was six years old. Zak's Mom always had lots of great rock and roll music albums sitting around the house available for him to listen to from a very early age. These early album influences included groups like Grand Funk Railroad, CCR, Three Dog Night, Chicago, Peter Frampton, Brownsville Station, Steppenwolf and the list goes on an on.

Zak joined his first rock band at eight years old with some fourth grade friends and his brother Nick. In fifth grade, the band they called "Black Diamond" won the talent show at Zak's elementary school performing songs by KISS and The Doobie Brothers. Music became embedded in Zak's day-to-day activities. Zak went on to be involved as a percussionist in his middle and high school band organizations, as well as the University of South Carolina marching and concert bands.

After graduating from USC, Zak studied vocals intensely at the Vocal Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California. Soon afterwards, Zak joined the rock band WickedWitch in Boston, Massachusetts for a period of three years. In 1992, Zak joined Savatage and enjoyed a nine-year career with the band that encompassed five studio albums. 1993 found Zak being recognized as one of the Top Five Rock Vocalists in America by the American Vocal Association for his work with Savatage. In 2000, Zak began working as a vocalist and associate producer for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and has appeared on three of their albums.

In 2001, Zak formed CircleIICircle and is currently working on CIIC's fourth studio album.

Source - The Official Circle 2 Circle Website