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jon oliva's pain - "global warning" - originally released on march 21, 2008
global warning (2008)

Global Warning is a 2008 release by Jon Oliva's Pain. It is the band's third studio release. The record features a guest appearance by Ralph Santolla on two tracks: "Adding the Cost" and "You Never Know". The track "Before I Hang" is made up of two previous Savatage songs - the original "Before I Hang" (of which a demo was released on The Dungeons Are Calling Silver Edition in 2002) as well as Streets lost track "Larry Elbows". Walk Upon Water, Stories and No More Saturday Nights are alsoremakes of unreleased Savatage demos.

band members
Jon Oliva
lead vocals, keyboards
Matt LaPorte
Kevin Rothney
John Zahner
Christopher Kinder
Ralph Santolla
guitars (on Adding the Cost & You Never Know)
track listing
01. Global Warning 4:46
02. Look at the World 2:54
03. Adding the Cost 3:50
04. Before I Hang 4:00
05. Firefly 7:08
06. Master 4:00
07. The Ride 5:56
08. O to G 1:44
09. Walk Upon the Water 5:42
10. Stories 4:38
11. Open Up Your Eyes 4:47
12. You Never Know 3:17
13. Someone/Souls (hidden track)  
14. No More Saturday Nights 5:52
15. I See (Japanese Bonus Track)  
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