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metal break - beethoven

from RockHard November 1999 (Germany)
translated by Yvonne Kluitman
corrected by Colleen

Since the beginning of 1999 the Savatage fans were put to the test. At first TWOM successor would be released in March 1999, then it would be May and then the release date should be September.However, the priorities in the Savatage camp were on another track everytime. In the USA a very succesful Trans Siberian Orchestra (of producer Paul O'Neill and songwriting wonder Jon Oliva), were busy recording their third album. Because this project- for the first time not a christmas album but a Classic-Rock-Hommage to Ludwig von Beethoven- thanks to Paul's almost inhuman perfectionism, never seemed to be finished, Savatage was from necessity put on the shelf.

Over these past months , it's clear we certainly cannot expect another Savatage release before the turn of the year. Not only did the gentlemen come back on stage (at the Cologne PopKomm) strongly with a spectacular show, they also seem to finally be working on the new album (worktitle: Poets And Madmen), because the Beethoven album finally is on its way to be pressed.

The Savatage songwriting is almost completed as guitarist Chris Caffery, "Moutain King" Jon Oliva, bassplayer Johnny Lee Middleton and drummer Jeff late got together in Florida this month to rehearse the basic tracks, before the whole line-up will hook up in the studio in New York as usual.

Although not one note can be heard yet, Chris Caffery was unusually euphoric towards Rock Hard: "I never was this elated about our song material at such an early stage, I have the feeling we are working on one of the best Savatage albums ever. There is this song that can compete with "Chance" but also the heavier side of Savatage, that some have been missing lately, will be there as well."

Doesn't sound bad..... But considering Paul's meticulous way of working, the Savatage fans will have to be patient at least until March or April of next year. Any earlier release date would be more than a little miracle......