Tabulature for "Edge of Thorns"
Off the album "Edge of Thorns"
Written by Savatage

Transcribed by Brian Pastor

  Attention guitar players:  Tune your low  E string to D for this song. The
 chords for the verses apply only to the piano player. You would just play a
 rythym in Dm.

 Piano intro: The second D in this scale is an ocative higher than the first D.

  D  (D)  D  A  D  G  D  F  D  E  D  F  D  F  E  C  D  

  The band kicks in once and awhile with a Dm


    Dm                 Am/Dm       Dm                             Am/Dm  
       An offering of reasons.          We  put  them  all   in    play.

    Dm                 Am/Dm       Dm                       Am/Dm         
       A covering of treasons.        That one by one we let slip away.


    Gm               Dm              Gm                    Dm
        A solitary dancer.               So lost upon her stage.


    Bb         C                       Dm     C    Bb
    I  have   seen  you  on  the       Edge   of   Thorns

              C                        Dm   C      Bb
    Felt you here before               you  were   born

                    C                   Dm     C    Bb
    Balanced your dreams upon the       Edge   of   Thorns

    But I don't think about you any-more. 

  Verse 2

    Dm                    Am/Dm         Dm                 Am/Dm
        A study made from winter.           Of summers long ago.    

    Dm                          Am/Dm                          Dm
        And dreams that use to glitter safely now hidden under snow. 


     Gm                     Dm        Gm                            Dm
        And so we end the chapter.         And let the stage lights fade.

                        (Repeat chorus)

 Guitar riff:   D  A  G  F  E  E  F  E D  (8x)

 This is the pattern behind the first solo:   C   Am  C  Dm   (4x)

 Then it goes back to Dm for the bass riff. When the drums kick in the notes
      D   E   F   E   (if you want to play chords instead use  Dm  Em  F  Em )

    Coming out of the solo the guitar and bass play:

      A  G  F  E  (3x)   The fourth pattern is:    A  G  F  E  A   (Then Dm)

   Repeat the chorus and then go back into the  Dm   Am/Dm   pattern  used
   for the verses. Zach sings over this pattern:

        "I don't think about you...I don't think about you" etc...


         Repeat piano intro and end the song in Dm