Tabulature for "Chance"
Off the album "Handful of Rain"
Written by Savatage

Transcribed by Brian Pastor

     The first chord of this song is Bm. Then what you do is roll the chord's
  notes out ( B D F# ) Then play the chord  A. Repeat this pattern twice and
  before you start the third one play a C#. This progression takes you through
  the entire first verse:

   "He was standing all alone. Trying to find the words to say when every
    prayer he ever prayed was gone. And the dreams he's never owned. Are still
    safely tucked away until tomorrow he just carries on...etc"

 Chimes part:

  There are two patterns to be played. The first is:
    D  C#  B  C#  D  C#   The second is: C#  D  C#  B  C# G  F#

 When the song starts to build up the bass is Bm. On piano I drop the D and add
 a B one ocative higher so I'm actually playing  B  F#  B.  You'll notice while
 playing this that as it builds they rotate from  B to F#  but the bass stays 
 in Bm.

 The right hand will be playing these notes:   B  C  A  C    When you play B,
 add an E with it to give it that dark side

 The string build up is   B  B  B  B  F"  B  F#   When you reach the last F#
 return to the beginning of this pattern. Again if your playing on piano it
 sounds much better to play the B in ocatives.
The next verse starts in Ebm. You'll notice they throw in a chord at the end of
each pattern. I figured it out on piano so if your playing this on guitar you
might have to alter it a bit.  The verses go from Ebm ( Eb  F#  Bb ) to this
chord ( Eb  F  Ab)  I didn't write this chord in below but once you hear play
to the CD you'll know where it goes. The bass stays in Ebm for both chords:

   See the devil in the streets at night. See him running in the pouring rain.
   See him grinning 'neath the twisted light,  I'll be back again.

   See the people standing in a row. See them nodding like a field of grain.
                                   B                   F#
   No one sees the sickle though,  Coming 'cross the plain.

   And this he knows if nothing more. That waiting in the dark like destiny.
                                    F#      C#       B            C#
   are those who kissed the dogs of war and there is no tomorrow. No tomorrow.
   Take a Chance.....

   The chorus returns to Ebm but they play this melody :

          A   Ab   A   Ab  A  Ab  F#  Eb  (repeat)

  In order to make this sound full you need to play power chords so add an 
  Eb to each of these single notes. You should be playing (Eb & A) (Eb & Ab)

 The next verse, bridge and chorus are the played the same as above:

  See the devil he is so intense. See the devil go and change his name. What's
  the going price of innocence, It can't be the same. Is it dark when the moon 
  is down? Is it dark with a single flame? If there's glass falling all around
  I am not to blame.

  And this he knows if nothing more. That waiting in the dark like destiny.
  Are those who kissed the dogs of war and there's no tomorrow. No tomorrow.
  Take a Chance...etc

   This part is right after the second chorus and BEFORE he starts to sing
  "Burn the night away". The chords are:

             Ebm   C#  C#   B

   Okay the next part has chords and single notes so we will distinguish the
  single notes by placing them inside these ( ).

   B      (Ab)   A      (A)   E
   Burn   the    night   a---way.
  The next section is the string/orchestra part:

 Abm   Abm9  Abm  A  D    To get these chords to sound exactly to the CD,
                          play them in this inversion: Bounce 3x on each chord.

 Abm ( Eb Ab B )  Abm9 ( Eb Ab Bb)  A ( E A D )  D (F# A D) 

  The ending goes back and forth between  A & D. It ends in Abm.
  We are now at my favorite part of the song. This part really shows off the
amazing voice that Zach has.                         
  Pictures at an exhibition played as he stood in his trance. Staring at his 
  inhibitions all the time believeing that it now came down to nothing but 
  this chance. 

  Continue to play Ebm for the bass throughout this section. 

    Ebm  C#    Ebm           Ebm  C# Ebm                Ebm   C#   Ebm
    I   fear  you.           Your silence                Your blindness  

 Play an Abm chord and sustain it through the word  "to".  The notes in ( )
 are single notes.

             (Bb)    (Ab)   (Bb)    (C#)    (B)     Ebm
             See     what    you    want     to     see. 

   Repeat same chords as above for this next pattern:

   "One kindness. One moment. Tell me what you believe."

   I believe in nothing. Never really had to. In regard to your life. Rumors 
   that are not true. Who's defending evil? Surely never I. Who would be the
   witness if you chance to die? 
   Father can you hear me this is not how it was meant to be. I am safe and so
   are you as for the other's destiny. Pictures at an.... Look away!  Look
   away!  Look away!  Look away!  etc...
    Okay were almost done. The song goes back inot the string/orchestra part
 which is detailed above:  Abm   Abm9  Abm  A  D. 

               Chance      Chance!     Chance!

  Then it bounces back and forth from  A to D.  The song ends in Abm.