Tabulature for "Tonight He Grins Again"
Off the album "Streets"
Written by Savatage

Transcribed by Brian Paster

Piano intro: The left hand does this roll  B F# B F#. the second B in this
scale is an ocative higher than the first. 

The right hand plays these chords  Bm  A/B  Em/B  Bm  A/B  Bm

To get the Em to sound it in the third inversion:  (B E G)
this works also at the end of the chorus (Tonight He Grins). For the
chorus  Em  in the root position.

There are two different fills you will hear after this pattern is played.
one is:
        G  F#  Em  F#     the second one you'll hear is   A A A G G. 

The verses continue the same type of chords and brings back the left hand
piano roll often. When you see this sign +  it means to repeat the roll.

        Tonight He Grins       Savatage   From Streets: A Rock Opera

  +  Bm    A/B      EM/B   Bm A/B
     Night time a---gain

    +          Bm  A/B     G    F#m  Em  F#m
     Seems I'm my  only  friend.

     +       Bm  A/B         Em
     Wander the streets a---lone.

      +       Bm  A            A/G   Bm/G (2x) Bm/F#
     The lost in search of his own.


     Once again I played the clown.

      C                            D
     Used my friends to let them down.

     Walk the streets just staring out.

       C                            D            
     Late at night the strange come out.

     Time time time again.

      C                       D
     I'm just looking for a friend.

     But no one seems to be around.

     Just this monkey that I found.

     Still he is my only friend.

                           Em     D/C   Em/C   C 
     And tonight he grins again.
                                  (Guitar notes.. E G C B A G F# G E)      

(Verse 2)

Something cold as pain.
Burning inside my veins.
I walk away.
A shadow of Dorian Gray.     

Now for the ending.... it repeats the "Tonight he grins" part a few times
and then:

   Bm                   Em
        Living on the e-dge.