Tabulature for "Heal My Soul"
Off the album "Streets"
Written by Savatage

Transcribed by Kostas Tzerpos

                      C                  F       G
                      I've been waiting, long forgotten
                       C                F G     C
                       Shipwrecked on a distant shore
                        C              F       G
                        Am I drifting, no more wanted
                          C                FG  C
                          Floating outward evermore

                     C                   F      C
                     All the dreams that I have harbored
                                          F     G
                         In the labyrinth of my soul
                                Gone forever
                                F      G
                                Not discarded
                                Only sleeping
                             F    G       C
                             Till they're whole

                      In the graveyard of my heart now
                     Sleep the years that I've long sold
                     For their markers is there nothing
                          Only ghost I cannot hold

                             And Father hear me
                                 I am tired
                                Shall I waken
                                 In thy home

                             And hold me closer
                                 I am trying
                              Sweet Lord Jesus
                                Heal my soul