Tabulature for "The World That She Sees"
Off the album "The Christmas Attic"
Written by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Transcribed by Andrew Wehrstedt

This is a fairly simple song, with just a few guitar chords in the pre-chorus and the chorus.
I wrote the lyrics for the first verses and the pre-chorus and chorus so you can see where the
guitar plays.  

There in this night
There is a life
Someone who waits for me
Only a child
Dreams and a smile

And now she's found
Snow on the ground
Magic has been set free
She's waited here
All of this year
Just for this day

And then the night comes alive
With lights to dazzle and
Everything's extraordinary
Nothing is left ordinary

F#         B5   C#
Christmas  has  come
F#         B5   C#
With it's long memory
F#  B5   C#
And in my mind, it always will
Be...the world that she

Thats the whole song.  Guitar only plays in the pre-chorus and the chorus.

C#   F#   B5
|-|  |-|  |-|
|-|  |-|  |-|
|6|  |-|  |4|
|6|  |4|  |4|
|4|  |4|  |2|
|-|  |2|  |-|

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