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december 19, 1995

The Merchandise Page will be on vacation until Savatage returns from touring.

A Merchandise Source page has been created to help find rare merchandise.

december 17, 1995

The Savatage European Tour is shaping up, dates are getting finalized, and we should have a complete list very soon. The first show over there will be 1/4/96 in Bochem at the Zech.

The rumored 12/31/95 Sarajevo concert will not happen as scheduled for a few reasons. At this time it is extremely hard to even get into the country (unless you are a US Soldier), it is mid-winter now which would complicate the logistics of getting the equipment set up and operating, and the saftey / risk factor. The band does want to do a show there, both Jon Oliva and Paul O'Neill are pushing for it. We will just have to wait and see if it is possible for a later date.

The song "Christmas Eve" is a hit!!! It has been getting much radio play on contemporary radio stations. This radio play is boosting sales of Dead, Winter, Dead significantly. The sales per week for Tampa alone 15 - 260 - 745 - 1100, over the last 4 weeks!!!

There will be an acoustic set broadcast live on WPLJ in New York City. It should happen with in the next two weeks. So get the tape recorders ready!!!

The Savatage Merchandise Page will be on Vacation. All orders that are currently in have been filled.

december 14, 1995

More tour dates have been added, check out the Savatours Page

The Merchandise page has been removed for a while (just till things get orgainized).

There have been a lot of minor modifications to various pages, keep your eye out for them. If you don't like a background, or feel it makes something too hard to read, let me know, it's easy to fix.

november 29, 1995

Another article has been added to the articles page.

A review of Gutter Ballet has finally been written and posted.

november 16, 1995

The Art Gallery now has something new, I'm trying to make slide shows of the graphics we have so it's easier to see them all. Tell me what you think of them. Plus new graphics are being added.

october 31, 1995

More Tabs have been added.

The Art Gallery now has much of the DWD stuff, plus a few very rare photos lent to us by the band. Check 'em out.

october 26, 1995

More Tabs have been added. They are comming in quick, soon I'll have to set them by album. :)

The Art Gallery now has much of the DWD stuff, more will be added soon.

october 19, 1995

More songs and sound clips have been added to the Sound Gallery

october 18, 1995

Three shows in Florida have been announced. They are listed on the Tour Dates Page.

october 12, 1995

We now have the Tabs for six songs. "Alone You Breath" "Believe" "Devastation" "Sleep" "St. Patrick's" "The Unholy"

october 9, 1995

Brian's Dead Winter Dead Review has been revised!!!

Faq 3.3 is here and looking better than every, Brian revamped not only the Faq, but the Discography 3.3 and the Ratities 3.3 too.

october 5, 1995

Dead Winter Dead Reviews have arrived !!!

An interview with Jon Oliva has been written up.

Bios for Zach and Jeff have been added.

New backgrounds have been added on many pages, this work will continue, if these make things difficult, or unsightly, just let us know.

Tabs have been added. We are still looking for more, send 'em if you got 'em.

The Fan Review Page is hear too, What do you think of Dead Winter Dead?

october 2, 1995

The new Rarities page is here. Brian has sent us the newest version, Rarities 3.2.

september 29, 1995

I was asked to poll the readers of the page, to find out what your favorite songs and albums are. To take part checkout Sava Poll before Halloween!!!

Brian Reichow has sent the updated FAQ; so version 3.2 is now online as is the Discography version 3.2.

september 18, 1995

Compiled many of the comments we have received during the backstage pass contest for other fans to read and enjoy. The final day to enter the backstage pass contest will be Halloween!!!

Brian Reichow has sent the updated FAQ; so version 3.12 is now online as is the Discography version 3.11.

september 15, 1995

I interviewed Zach for almost an hour. We discussed tour possibilities, his trip to Europe, DWD release dates, the Japanese DWD Release, and a little bio information on himself and Jeff Plate. Nothing is for sure yet, but Savatage is considering opening for Iron Maiden on their European tour. They are also considering their own headlining tour as well. Johnny Lee and Zach were in Cologne, Germany for four days for a European music convention called POPKOM. It is simular in some ways to the US's Foundations Forum. Basicly a showcase for new material and a way to contact a lot of press in a short time. So that is what they did.

September 24th will be the release date for Japan and Europe. October 24th it will be released in the US. It will be release for radio on October 1st. So if US fans want to hear before it is released, call the radio stations and bug them!!! Request the title track "Dead Winter Dead", "Does Matter Anyway", "Starlight", or "Mozart In Madness".

The Japanese DWD release will have a 40 page book explaining the concept of the album and meanings behind each song.

They also plan to do at least one video for the record, but aren't sure for which track yet.

The Early Listening Party at Killian's has been postponed. We will let you know when it is.

Jon returned from doing mixing for the Savatage Live album scheduled to be out Jan 1996. Working titles so far are "Final Bell" and "Live Devastation."

The new Doctor Butcher release "The Good, The Bad, and the Butchered" will start pre-production in the next few weeks.

september 7, 1995

Highlights of an conversation with Dan Campbell.

An Early Listening Party will be held for DWD at Killian's Rock Cafe in Ybor City, FL (downtown Tampa)

Jon Oliva is in NY doing mixing for the Live Criss Tribute album to be released soon. It contains shows from the Gutter Ballet tour.

With the new Savatage Management, Savatage plans to tour in many places the have been unable to go so far. So the Australian/New Zealand fans might get a few shows Down Under!!!

The release of DWD has been pushed back to the 3rd week of October. (Yes that also includes the overseas releases).

The DWD Tour has been delayed until January 1996.

The Backstage Pass contest will be changed. I am still working out the details. It seems that we probably will not have as many passes as we thought. Don't worry if you entered already are still in. And for those of you who haven't entered yet do so soon!!!

august 27, 1995

Brian Reichow has sent the updated FAQ; so version 3.1 is now online as is the Discography version 3.1.

august 17, 1995

I had an interview with Jon Oliva just a few nights ago. We cover lots of ground so check it out.

Started the Savatage Article Archive. Your contributions are welcome.

Finished up the Backstage Pass Contest page. So if you are interested in meeting Savatage, here is your chance.

august 6, 1995

The full length version of Shotgun Innocence was added to The Savatage Sound Gallery

august 3, 1995

Highlights of an conversation with Dan Campbell.

Zachary Stevens was married to his fiancee, Tina Rodriguez, July 30. According to Dan it was a wonderful Wedding and a "total blast." I guess congratulations are in order for the Newly Weds. Congratulations Zach and Tina.

The "Dead Winter Dead" album is right on schedule to be released on October first '95.

july 24, 1995

Highlights of an conversation with Dan Campbell.

Jon will be singing backup vocals on a few of the songs.

Doctor Butcher will be putting out another release possibly as soon as January 1996. The tenative title is "The Good, The Bad, and the Butchered.".

The "Dead Winter Dead" album is still on track to be completed late August '95.

july 21, 1995

Wrote a little bit of history about this site. It answers some basic questions on how and when it was started and who operates the site. As well as what we as operators would like to see you as fans contribute.

july 15, 1995

The new guitarist has been announced, it is... (drum role please)... Al Pitrelli.

Chris Caffery is back.

Highlights of an interview with Dan Campbell.

july 4, 1995

The inteview with Zachary Stevens has been written up.

Some items have been added to the Savatage Announcements Page.

june 27, 1995

The Sound Gallery We have added a small selection of songs, these include one full length song (Forever After), and several one minute samples. Two of the samples are from Dr. Butcher. Presently all files are in the WAV format using 8bits and running at 11mhz. Hopefully we will have more songs, in more formats soon.

june 26, 1995

Highlights of an interview with Zachary Stevens and Dan Campbell

The interview with Zach went well. We discussed latest happenings with the band, the new "Dead Winter Dead" material and tour plans.

Those people who have ordered merchandise, it will be sent out the 4th of July week. The videos and packaging have been finished and the merchandise will be on its way soon.

june 23, 1995

Highlights of a conversation with Dan Campbell.

Not much else, though Nate was invited to interview Zach, so watch for that in the coming weeks.

may 30, 1995

The Concept for the New Album Well it seems that having friends in high places is worth it. We have news as to what the next Savatage album will be about.

I have also split the new version of the FAQ (3.0) into four parts. So there is now a Discography page, Concert Reviews page, the FAQ, and the Dr. Butcher page. The FAQ, as always, was written by Brian Richow.

Highlights of a conversation with Dan Campbell.

The basic tracks are done on the new album, and Dan says it "kicks ass". Of course that doesn't mean that the album is done, it just means that they are in the thick of things now.

Dan is also very excited, the original DAT tapes of Streets have been found, and will soon be on sale in a two CD set. These tapes have the full story line of as told by D.T. Jesus.

No news yet about when a tour might form itself, but I did tell Dan about the mail I've been getting, and that the people in Toranto miss the band.

may 18, 1995

The Gallery We have compiled all the Savatage pics into one little package for your veiwing pleasure. That is not to say that we have moved the pictures from where we had them, but we made a nice gallery.

Bonus Tracks We have gotten our gruby little hands on the lyrics for the bonus tracks from Edge of Thorns.

may 11, 1995

Highlights of a conversation with Dan Campbell.

The "working" title for the new album is "Dead Winter Dead". It is bound to change as time progresses.

The Band is leaving for New York on Friday, May 12th, to begin another week of rehearsal before starting to record.

may 5, 1995

Doctor Butcher Pages have been added thanks to Dave Sobecki for writing reviews and typing in lyrics.

Savatage FAQ Ver. 2.51 has been updated by Brian Reichow.

Highlights of a conversation with Dan Campbell.

Jeff Plate has been confirmed as the drummer for Savatage.

The concept on the new album was discussed. Here is my best interpretation of the concept as told to me by Dan Campbell. I am in the process of writing this up. Check back.

Fans in the Tampa Area, stay tuned. The band is trying to gather and coordinate local support for the upcoming release. Contact information will be available soon.

april 24, 1995

Highlights of a conversation with Dan Campbell.

The first Savatage rehearsal for the new album is tonite. The material has been already been written, but has no working title as of yet.

april 14, 1995

Streets --The Story from the inside cover of Streets, A Rock Opera was added to the Streets Page.

april 7, 1995

We have created a Fight for the Rock Page which includes the lyrics, and soon (we hope) an album review.

april 2, 1995

We have successfully (we hope) moved the Savatage pages to their new location, "http://www.d.umn.edu/~tsands/savatage/". If you see any problems with links or images please let us know, we will fix them ASAP.

The Hall of the Mountain King Page has been updated.

march 28, 1995

We have established direct communication with SAVATAGE!!! They are extremely excited about this site. We are in the process of making available Savatage merchandise, such as, tapes, Cds, posters, and Questions & Answers by Jon Oliva and Zachary Stevens.

march 27, 1995

Lyrics for Hall of the Mountain King have been transcribed by Todd Sands.

Corrections to the FAQ have been made, and a full revision is pending. The main correction is that Chris Caffery does play on Doctor Butcher.

Most of the HTML 3.0 features (backgounds, text colors) dropped until I can get them to look nice and be easy on the eyes.

march 13, 1995

Lyrics for Gutter Ballet have been transcribed by Todd Sands.

Due to the above addtion I revised the Gutter Ballet Page.

On a side note, I have been revising some of the pages to show the new capabilities of Netscape 1.1b which has recently been released. These pages probably will not stay that way. I am still "tweaking" them. But let me know what you think.

march 6, 1995

Savatage Faq Ver. 2.4 updated (again) by Brian Reichow. He has added more rare/bootleg Savatage recordings to the list.

Added The Dungeons Are Calling Cover Picture.

march 5, 1995

Savatage Faq Ver. 2.3 updated by Brian Reichow. It now includes various rare/bootleg Savatage recordings as well as new info on the recent activities and plans of the band.

march 4, 1995

Streets Lyrics transcribed by Todd Sands.

Updated Streets Page Rearranged the Criss Oliva Page, but it is not in its final state yet. (Althought I really don't know what its final state will be.)

march 3, 1995

Edge of Thorns Lyrics transcribed by Todd Sands.

march 2, 1995

Handful of Rain Lyrics transcribed by Todd Sands.

march 1, 1995

Savatage Rarities: A list that is being compiled of rare Savatage merchandise.

february 19, 1995

Criss Oliva Page is still very much in the works and it just collection of pictures at this point.

january 15, 1995

Biography's from: Gutter Ballet Streets Edge of Thorns Handful of Rain