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december 17, 1996

Added a page for From the Gutter to the Stage the new Savatage "Best of" album.

Selected winners for the TSO Guitar and Video Give Away.

november 13, 1996

Added TSO Pictures to the TSO Page. We have stills from the Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12-24 video that is being finished up as I speak. It will be delivered to MTV on Monday, November 18th. MTV should start playing it after Thanksgiving.Maybe earlier if there are requests for it. (hint, hint)

Updated information on Clay Marshall's new Savatage Fanzine, The Unholy. This should be an exciting issue. Clay has been set up with some good connections for interviews and stories.

november 3, 1996

Update from Johnny Lee.

The Best of Savatage will be titled, "From the Streets to the Stage". It is being release by Edel (Same company that did DWD) in Europe and will be available the later part of November. A deal is in the works to release in Japan as well, we will see if that turns out. A US release is unlikely. But if it is to be released in the US, you will hear it here first!!! Check out Alta Mira and Terrible Teds on the Merchandise Sources Page for import ordering. The track listing has not changed since the last posting. It will be a single CD with the bonus tracks on the same CD. The Jesus Saves track is not the same as DT Jesus of the Japanese version of DWD.

New Studio Album -- (still untitled) Writing, recording and rehersing continue. The plan is to begin studio work in January at Morrissound Studios in Florida. The album should be finished and ready for release in April.

Contary to the many rumors that abound there is no new live release in the works. Final Bell/Ghost in the Ruins is the most recent and no others are planned at the momment.

Doctor Butcher -- Writing for "The Good, the Bad, and the Butchered" is almost complete. The studio recording still needs to be done. But as always Savatage comes first, so it has taken a back seat to the current Savatage project. However, it remains a possibility for 1997.

Those of you who got your October Fan Club Newsletters already know about the great new merchandise available through the fan club. Including Eurpean Savatage Tour T-Shirts, European Criss Oliva Memorial Shirt, Guitar Picks, Necklaces, Tour Jackets, and in the near future a compilation video, which will be available through the Fan Club in NTSC and through Edel in PAL format for European fans.

Reports on the Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12-24 video are very exciting and of course positive.

october 28, 1996

What's new? Not much really. We have been working hard on the TSO web site.   Also preparing for the Guitar giveaway contest for TSO. The video shoot for the TSO, Christmas Eve /Sarajevo 12-24 is wrapping up. We will hopefully have pictures soon.

september 29, 1996

For those interested in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra project a new page has been set up to give you all the details.

Information condensed from conversations with Paul O'Neill and Johnny Lee Middleton.

Writing, practicing and recording continue for the next (as yet untitled) Savatage album. The album is expected out in the Spring of 1997, due to the Greatest Hits Album and others recently released (i.e. Final Bell/Ghost In The Ruins). By then the market should be ready for it.

Work on then next Doctor Butcher album continues and it may infact be finished before the next Savatage album.

The Romanov project (musical by O'Neill and Oliva) has been put on temporary hold for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra project. But work on this should resume shortly.

september 28, 1996

Thanks to savafan Jim Gordon we now have a Power of the Night Review. This completes the collection. Now we just need the band to put out a new album.

september 14, 1996

Johnny has given us the list of the songs which will be on the greatest hits album. The full song list of the upcoming Savatage Greatest Hits album is as follows.

  • Prelude to Madness
  • Hall Of The Mountain King
  • 24 Hours Ago
  • Gutter Ballet
  • When The Crowds are Gone
  • Chance
  • Believe
  • Ghost In The Ruins
  • Edge Of Thorns
  • One Child
  • Sirens (Live)
  • Power Of The Night
  • This is Where You Should Be ( MT. King sessions )
  • Jesus Saves ( Un-released version # 2 )
  • Shotgun Innocence (only available on Jap Import )
  • Forever After ( only available on Jap Import )

We received some GREAT pics from Michelle Van Dijk of Holland.

september 3, 1996

We have Lori Cressia's review of the September first MDA Benefit show.

august 27, 1996

We have added the Legion's Fan Club's Bimonthly Newsletter.

august 10, 1996

I talked with Johnny Lee for a while, here are the highlights.

A Savatage Greatest Hits album is due out shortly. Info is still scarce at this time, but it will include tracks such as HOTMK, 24 Hours Ago, Jesus Saves, and unreleased Criss Oliva stuff. I have not heard a release date yet, but I expect it out before the year's end.

Savatage will go into preproduction for the next release in September and will begin recording in October. A total of eight songs are already written. The Japanese Market will not be ready for the next release until March of 1997 due to the "Greatist Hits" record coming out soon. Japan (as always) will get the new release about a month before the U.S. does. So the U.S. should be able to expect the next release April of 1997.

Work continues on the Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO) project. Both Paul O'Neill and Jon Oliva have been working on this project for a while. Zach Stevens is currently in New York laying down some vocal tracks.

Members of Savatage will be playing at a benefit for Muscular Dystrophy at a local (Tampa, FL) radio station. Members include Jon Oliva, Chris Caffery, Johnny Lee Middleton, and Steve Wacholz (possibly).

Warning to Collectors: There have been a large number of ILLEGAL "Avatar" vinyl on the market recently. The fakes look very much like the original version, except the red back ground is slightly a different color. Unless one held an orginal and the fake together it would be impossible to tell the difference. These fakes are selling for $150 to $220 imposing as the real thing and often listed as "virgin vinyl". Please note that the "City Beneath the Surface" Avatar release was released in 1982 in extremely limited quantities (500 copies). So the genuine article will show a bit of wear and tear.

A biography on Chris Caffery has been written up based on a recent conversation with him.

Recently the Web Server at Winternet (our ISP) went down for an extended period of time. If you have problems connecting to the Savatage Web pages please notify us via email at once. savaweb@savatage.com

july 20, 1996

A few minor modifications here and there. We now have a review of Handful of Rain. Thanks to Clay Marshall.

july 13, 1996

After a fews unsuccesful attempts at scanning the Final Bell and Ghost In The Ruins CDs, they finally came out ok. They have been added to the Gallery and to the New Additions section.

june 28, 1996

I talked with Johnny Lee for a while, here are the highlights.

The European Tour was a big success. This time there was a big heat wave in Europe while they were there. A big change from the last European Tour in January when it was cold. They had lots of fun touring over there and were considering going back in late July to do more Festivals. But they felt that they should get back and work on the next album.

Unfortunately Savatage has no plans to tour in the US until after the next release. (Despite the rumors there will not be a show July 12th at Jaxx in Springfield, VA.)

Work continues on the "Trans Siberian Orchestra" project.

No schedule for U.S. release of Final Bell/Ghost in the Ruins or Dr. Butcher are slated. Check out your local import dealers.

I haven't seen it yet but reports are coming on the "One Child" video. Canada's music video show Much Music has played it a few times. Everyone so far really likes the video.

A new address for the Savatage Legion.

Also a number of pictures from the Birch Hill show have been added to the Gallery.

may 20, 1996

Recently found that Alta Mira (a source for Savatage merch) has a web site including a page listing available Savatage items. Updated the Merchandise Sources page to reflect this.  Also found that Cherry Lane a music publishing company also has a web page. The music and tabs to Gutter Ballet are available through them. Updated the Merchandise Sources page to reflect this.

may 10, 1996

I talked with Jon and Paul, here are the highlights.

The filming, editing and production of the "One Child" video is complete. And according to Paul it *is* killer. I can't wait to see this one. We do have some photos from the video shoot in the Picture Gallery and in the new pictures section.

Savatage has been written up in two consecutive months of the music magazine _Rock Hard_. Last month Savatage was on the cover and had an 8 page article. This month they had a 32 page article on Savatage. If anyone can transcribe these articles and send them in that would be great!!!

Paul and Jon have been quite busy with the Romanov project and preparing for festival tour in Europe. So what are they doing with their spare time? Working on another project of course. "Trans Siberian Orchestra" is their latest side project. What is it about? I don't know yet. But it has been picked up by Lava records (Warner Bros) and should be out October 1996.

We continue to find quirks with moving to the new site and are correcting them. If you find something that needs work please send us email at savaweb@savatage.com.

may 8, 1996

The Savatage web site has a new home, Winternet this should be its permanent place on the web. Why did it move, cause Todd finally graduated, and moved too. So reset all your bookmarks to "http://www.winternet.com/savaweb". We have tried to work all the kinks out of the new site, but there might be some errors, so please let us know. savaweb@savatage.com I have recently received tons of new picture of the band, these can all be found in the Gallery, but since ther are a lot of old pics there too,I have created a new page for new pics.

april 29, 1996

New Tabs have been added. Check 'em out.

Brian has completed the New versions of both the FAQ and of the Discography. These are now both at version 3.4.

A new article has been added as well thanks to Andy Secher.

april 10, 1996

The Java script has been removed. I have received word that some browsers were choking on it. This concludes my test of Java on the site for now.

An article has been added to the Article Archive . Take a look at this one, it gives some real insight into Jon and the history of the band.

april 4, 1996

We know have tour dates!

Thanks to Mr. Tommy Dougherty we have several new pictures of the band in the Gallery.

We are now using a java script to help keep you up to date as to what changes we've made to the site. It's just a little thing, but it might help.

I spoke briefly with Johnny Lee Middleton, heres the important stuff.

Savatage will be filming a video for "One Child" in New York April 20 - 25.

Johnny gave me a list of tour dates.

march 20, 1996

Something new, and unusual? Maybe. I have scanned in a copy of the Japanese Liner Notes which was sent to me by Keiji Nishihara of Japan. Fair warning This page is basically several large graphics.

february 29, 1996

We have made some drastic changes to the page! Hopefully this will help you access things easier. The new front end for the page, and a new icon bar will allow quicker access to any portion of the page. The new icon bar has tweleve buttons including a mailbox, which sends mail, not to me. . . But to JOHNNY LEE MIDDLETON!! who is now online! If you want you can still mail me, I'm still here.

Anyone wanting to contribute to the page, we would still like to have reviews of a few more albums. Hall of the Mountian King, Power of the Night, and Handful of Rain all stand reviewless. Help us out folks, and contribute to the Savatage Fan Homepage.

The Savatours page is now a link to the Atlantic Records tour database, that will change once we get some tour dates, but just shows that no one knows the tour schedule yet.

february 8, 1996

I had a conversation with Paul O'Neill and here are a few tidbits we discussed.

Savatage had a great time in Europe, all shows were sold out!!! They are now back in the U.S. thawing out from the cold European winter, but Mother Nature isn't being kind since it was in the teens in Florida a few days ago.

Savatage plans to be back out touring in the Spring, but it is not certain whether they well be touring the U.S. or Japan first.

The rumored Official re-release of Streets- The Complete Rock Opera with all 26 songs will not happen. Many bits and pieces of the unreleased songs have been used in other songs on EOT, HOR, and DWD.

On the Savatage Live album, Final Bell was released in Japan. It will also be released in Europe under the name "Ghost In The Ruins". It will be exactly the same except for the title, so there is no need to get both. As for a U.S. release, it will be a few months still and it will probably be released under the "Ghost In The Ruins" title.

On the Dr. Butcher front, a U.S. release of the first release of is unlikely due to legal issues. So get it though the import channels, it is well worth the money. On the "The Good, The Bad, and The Butchered" album, it is currently being put on long term hold so they can concentrate on other commitments.

One of the other commitments is that Atlantic wants another album in late '96. And possibly two, they might to a Christmas album of sorts.

Romanov - the musical written by Paul O'Neill and Jon Oliva - is going through the process of selecting a director and should be in theaters in the fall. Another musical is also in the works.

"Not What You See" has been released for radio play, next will be "One Child" for which they will be making a video.

january 25, 1996

Reviews! we have three new album reviews! Sirens, Edge of Thorns, and Savatages latest release, the live album FINAL BELL!

january 8, 1996

The first concert reviews are in! Hopefully more are coming. All you Savatage fans in Europe send us your reviews.