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december 2, 1997

Update from Paul O'Neill.

Paul O'Neill just returned from German show in Cologne, Germany. The show was taped for a VIVA! TV special to be aired Christmas Eve. Paul is at home recovering from jet lag with his daughter Ireland.

Savatage members are returning home after a very successful European Tour. All members except Zak will be going to New York to prepare for the TSO appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell Show.

TSO will be appearing on the Rosie O'Donnell Show December 9th The current plan is that portions of the TSO video Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24 will be played and TSO will also play it live!!! (Cross your fingers on this one folks!!! this will be difficult to pull off live) All of Savatage (except Zak), Bob Kinkel, and orchestra will be in the TSO band for the performance. Zak will be at home preparing for fatherhood!

The Best and the Rest, The Japanese Greatest Hits Album is now out. It is available as an import in the US.

Paul is the proud father of daughter Ireland Wilde O'Neill. Ireland arrived Nov 12th at 7:30 am. Paul and Desiree are enjoying the company of their newborn.

In other Savatage family news, Zak & Tina are expecting a daughter in January. More info will be posted as it is available.

The MP3 sound files of the complete Budapest, Hungary show have been uploaded to the Savatage FTP Site (savatage.com). These files are extremely large and are not great quality since the source is an audience boot, but is still fun to listen to. Use your FTP client and down load from savatage.com in /pub/incoming/sava_live_in_hungary. Due to the size of these files they will only be available for a few weeks. Many thanks to the Hungarian fan, Seres Krisztian, for uploading it.

The Sound Gallery was put dated with new information on downloading the MP3 files found on this site. It seems fans using Netscape need to use a fix utility, since Netscape Downloads in ASCII mode instead of Binary mode.

october 22, 1997

I just returned back to Arizona after attending the East Coast WarmUp Gigs. Prepare yourselves Europe, Savatage is on the Tour path. The shows were great. I added a number of pics I took at the shows. Check them out at the Gallery Page.

Completed putting together the The Wake Of Magellan pages with concept,lyrics, story, and news accounts.

Update from various sources including Jon Oliva, Paul O'Neill, Zak Stevens and Mike Wilson.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra TSO "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" is now available in stores. Check the Christmas section or you may need to ask for it. It is on the self at such stores as Target and Best Buy.

NEW Trans-Siberian Orchestra release The as yet untitled release from TSO, will not make the expected release date of Jan. 1998 as planed. The new anticipated date is April 1998.

Doctor Butcher Jon and Chris Caffery hope to continue working on the new Doctor Butcher in late Summer 1998. The title will be "The Good, The Bad, and the Butchered". (I wonder who the Good is ;-)

The Warmup Gigs The Warmup Gigs on the East Coast in preparation for the European tour had great turn out and near full capacity at each show. They definatly want to tour the US this time. We will know more in late January as the tour schedule stabilizes.

october 6, 1997

Rock Notes Online is featuring interviews with Johnny Lee Middleton and Chris Caffery.

october 2, 1997

A crude page has been set up for The Wake of Magellan. The page should be polished into perfection in the next few weeks. The story and lyrics are available as text. Scan of the cover art and band pictures are also available. The Wake of Magellan is being well received overseas hitting the charts at # 11 in Germany and # 44 in Japan.

We have some welcome visitors drop in on the Savatage WWW Message Board. Jon Oliva and Chris Cafferty posted a few messages.

The U.S. Warmup Gigs before the European tour are rapidly approaching. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster. For the Birch Hill show they may still have Savatage listed as "Sabotage". (Forgive them, for they know not what they do) I will be at all three warmup gigs hope to see you there!!!

september 12, 1997

It seems the US release of The Wake of Magellan will be pushed back into Janurary of '98. This info is being double checked, but it seems it is true.

Added a text file containing story, lyrics, and poetry from The Wake of Magellan.

Added more info and maps for the Warm Up Gigs on the Savatage Tour Page.

Despite the rumors that have been going around Atlantic is still Savatage's record label in the US. I am not sure why but, it is a common question asked at the site.

august 28, 1997

Update from Johnny Lee.

The Wake of Magellan Release Dates The Wake of Magellan with be released in Europe September 15th and in Japan on September 3rd. The USA release data is still unconfirmed but is expected late October/ early November. There are no Bonus Tracks on the Forgien release of TWoM. More on Bonus tracks later.

Savatage European Tour Savatage leaves the States October 21st, to begin their European Tour October 24th and wraps up November 30th. Check the Savatage Tour Page for details.

Savatage Warmup Gigs in USA!!! Savatage will be doing three east coast warm up gigs before they head over to Europe October 21st. The three shows are listed on the Savatage Tour Page. Although these shows are on the east coast, many from the midwest and West coast will be travelling to the shows.

The buzz surrounding the new Savatage release The Wake of Magellan is huge in Europe. Johnny Lee and Chris Caffery gave non-stop interviews while at he Pop Com Festival in Germany. The European music media is paying unprecedented attention to Savatage and their upcoming release.

Savatage members have been in the studio recording bonus tracks these tracks are intended to be released in the back catalog of Savatage releases that will soon be released though Edel (Europe). Some of them are new versions of old songs. The exact info is still secret, but Jon sings some songs that Zak does, and Zak sings some of the songs that Jon does. Also some are acoustic versions of previous songs.

TWoM Live Video Planned On the Oct/Nov leg of the TWoM tour Savatage plans to play The Wake of Magellan from beginning to end straight through. They will be video taping these performances in hopes of releasing a TWoM Live video.

Savatage European Tour Dates and the Warm Up Gigs in the USA are posted on the Savatage Tour Page.

The Criss Oliva Memorial Wall has been up for a little over a month. It has been a complete success, we apprecaite you contributing your comments. The Memorial Wall will remain an important part of this site.

A Savatage WWW Message Board is up. It is simular to a USENET newsgroup, but not broadcast accross the Internet like USENET. All the messages are stored on our server and available via your Web Browser.

The Savatage Add-A-Link Page is up. This is a list of links that fans can add their favorite links.

july 26, 1997

The Criss Oliva Memorial Wall was put up last week. It is already getting plenty of attention from fans. Many fans have added to the wall.

july 12, 1997

The next Savatage release "The Wake of Magellan" will be out September (for Europe/Japan) and October for the US. European tour should begin in October. A ton of Eurpean Metal magazines have been interviewing and doing photo shoots for the last few weeks. Check the upcoming issues in August and September.  The album is a concept album based on the tragedy aboard the ship "Maersk Dubai". Jon sings on two songs.

We are testing a Java Chat Applet from Para Chat.  Try it out at www.savatage.com/sava_chat.shtml.

The first part of When the Crowds are Gone is available as a MIDI file from the Sound Gallery

Added three new articles to the Article Archive thanks to Tracy Wrona. The articles are Savatage - 1990, Fighting For Survival (1988), and Turn Em Loose (1984). Also an interesting scan of a newsclipping from 1992 is up.

june 22, 1997

Highlights of a recent phone conversation between Paul O'Neil / Zach Stevens and Drew Blanton have been written up and are available in text format. Thanks Drew for the update.

Watch the Metal Mags for news on the latest Savatage project. Many interviews have been going on with various mags. Due to this we are being kept somewhat in the dark regarding the juicy details of the project. But it looks like the US release will be pushed out until mid-November, foreign releases should be in mid-October.

A Savatage Mailing list has been set up thanks to Tommy Dougherty. Check the Savatage Mailing List Page for subscription details.

Another MP3 sound file has been added to the Sound Gallery. All that I Bleed has been donated by Blex.

Changes to the TAB archive. A partial TAB of Hounds has been contributed. The TAB to Believe has been updated.

The List of Projects mentioned below is now online in text format. This is a list of project that we would like to get fans working on for these pages. If interested subscribe to the Savatage Developers Mailing List to find ways to contribute.

A project investigating a Java based chat forum available from chatplanet.com determined that the response is too slow and will not meet our needs. After a few weeks of testing it was a rare occurance to get the Chat Applet working. Most often it would time out after ten minutes of trying to load. The search for a good Chat application continues.

june 3, 1997

Improvements at the new site continue. We are working with a number of fans to help develop the Savatage Pages further. If you are interested in helping out drop us a line at savaweb@savatage.com.

We have a list of projects that we would like to get people working on. Although we do not believe in the frills of counters and such embedded directly into our web pages we now have a Site Access Stats Summary which runs nightly.

Three new sound files in the MP3 format have been graciously donated by Blex. Check the Sound Gallery for these high quality sound files. -- Thanks Blex.

Two more Articles have been added to the Article Archive. One is from "The Unholy" Fanzine on Steve Wacholz, the other is an interview with Jon Oliva shortly after Gutter Ballet was released. Both are excellent articles.

Also we should have complete knowlege of the upcoming Savatage release by the end of June. Right now it looks like an August/September time frame for release. As of yet no tour plans are set in stone. We will let you know when it happens.

An Archive of Savatage WIN 95 Themes has been set up. One Savatage theme has been donated so far. Download it, install it, and enjoy!

may 14, 1997

Many things have happened since the last update. The most notable however is the transition to the new site at www.savatage.com. The site at winternet will remain intact for the rest of May. In June we will begin to force people to use the new site. All further updates and corrections will be done at www.savatage.com. Our new IPP (Internet Presence Provider) is CaveCreek Wholesale Internet Exchange (CWIE). CWIE's servers are close to the Internet backbone which should improve access times to the Savatage pages by removing and network congestion at the server side. So far things are going well.

Thanks to Tracy Wrona we have added five newly transcribed articles from the Gutter Ballet to the Edge of Thorns Era to the Article Archive.

april 6, 1997

Update from Paul O'Neill, Jon Oliva, and Johnny Lee.

The next Savatage studio release has been pushed back to a release date of September/October. After the release a European/Japan Tour followed by a US Tour is planned.

Why the push back? Well Trans-Siberian Orchestra for one. Then next TSO album has to be completed before they go on tour. The plan for TSO is to re-release "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" again for the Christmas 1997 season. Then release the next TSO album Jan 1st 1998. The next TSO album will not have a Christmas theme, but should be the same type of music catering to the same audience.

Work on the Romanov musical is also in progress. Although no opening date has been targeted yet.

february 17, 1997

Added two new articles (Savatage: On the Edge, Savatage: The Calm After the Storm) transcribed by Dave Harris to the Article Archive. Also revived an excellent article (Jon Oliva: The Man ...) we somehow lost.

Update from Johnny Lee.

The next and still Untitled Savatage release is due out Summer of 1997. Jon is currently in New York working with Paul reviewing the material the band has come up with in the studio over the past few months. Actual recording for the Album is set to begin in March at MorrisSound Studios in Florida.

The next tour is scheduled to begin in Europe after the release. Following the European Tour will be a US Tour !!!! Then back to the Studios to work on the next Trans-Siberian Orchestra project.

The next Doctor Butcher, "The Good, The Bad, and The Butchered" is on long, long term hold. The project has not been picked up by EDEL as expected. And they (Jon, Johnny Lee) have a exclusive contract with EDEL in Europe. So until EDEL supports the project fans will never hear it.

january 26, 1997

Clay Marshall's biography on Jeff Plate, entitled "Jeff Plate : The Man Behind the Kit", is in (and is quite excellent). This is just a sampling of the great information contained in Clay's fanzine The Unholy.

Not much else is new at the moment. We should have a band update in the next two weeks. Recording is set to begin in late February for the new Savatage release.