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december 23, 1998

Chris Caffery completed his Sept 4 - Nov 19 Tour and Adventures Diary as a holiday gift to fans. It includes information on his American Rock Live Tour, Monsters of Rock in Brazil and much more. Thanks Chris for filling us in.

The Savatage Tour page has been updated, no new tour plans to report.

november 26, 1998

New articles have been transcribed and posted to the Article Archive. Thanks to Ellen and crew for all the hard work.

Savatage memorabilia on display at the new Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, Florida. The new Hard Rock Cafe will be opening December 2nd. Check out the Savatage at the Hard Rock Page for the complete details. Thanks to all those who made this possible, especially Kathy and Lori.

Stay current on the upcoming Trans-Siberian Orchestra TV appearances. Check the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Web Site for the latest details on TSO TV appearances, music book, and more.

TSO tabs are in the.  ALL Transcribed by Andrew Wehrstedt . New Tabs include First Snow, An Angel Came Down, O Come All Ye Faithful / O Holy Night, The Silent Nutcracker, The First Noel, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, O Holy Night from "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" and Joy / Angels We Have Heard on High and Midnight Christmas Eve from latest TSO release "The Christmas Attic". (A huge thanks to Andrew for many long hours of work) Don't forget the full TSO Christmas Eve and Other Stories Music book is available. Check the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Site for online ordering information.

A number of people are still reporting problems with "security access" or "File permanently moved here" errors. These error are due to bugs in Internet Explorer, check the Microsoft Site for a fix. Another solution is to retry the page a few times, eventually you should get through. Or if the URL is something like http://www.savatage.com/wwwboard add a "/" to the end, http://www.savatage.com/wwwboard/ and retry. Sometimes it works.

november 2, 1998

The Savatage European Tour starts November 4th in Vienna, Austria. Monitor the tour page for any changes in the tour schedule.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra has released "The Christmas Attic". You may order it online or through a local store. Check the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Web Site for the latest details on TSO tour dates, music book, and more.

The Article Archive has been updated with a number of new articles thanks to Ellen Bakvis.

The Tab Archive has been reformatted and updated with new tabs. New tabs include Morning Sun, Dead Winter Dead, He Carves His Stone, Degrees of Sanity, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra tracks Old City Bar, Bows of Holly, and The World She Sees. Doctor Butcher tracks are expected shortly.

A number of people have been reporting "Access Restricted", "Security", or "File Moved Click here" errors. These errors are a result of a bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. Check the Microsoft Web site for a fix in an upcoming patch. If you do encounter this error, retry a number of times, eventually you should get through.

september 29, 1998

The Criss Oliva Memorial Site will under go a major face lift and debut a Criss Oliva screen saver to commemorate the Fifth Anniversary of Criss's passing. Also a Criss Oliva screen saver has been completed and will be available shortly. This feature is brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Erikk Draven and Marcel van den Brink.

More articles have been added to the Article Archive thanks to Ellen Bakvis including new additions to the Rock Hard Legends project and a number of other translated articles. Thanks very much Ellen and Crew!

Pre-Order your copy of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's new release, The Christmas Attic from Music Boulevard or CDNOW.com. Get it before you can buy it in stores!!!

september 10, 1998

Savatage has confirmed they will return to Brazil for the Monsters of Rock tour in late September. Savatage has added a Columbus, Ohio date to the tour. Check the Tour Page for details.

Savatage's latest single "Turns to Me" will be released to Radio September 15th. Get ready to barrage your favorite Radio station with requests!!!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra's newest release "The Christmas Attic" will be released October 13th!!! Get Ready to start placing your orders!!!

august 30, 1998

The Anouncement Page has been updated with news on Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Savatage's new radio single.

Marcel van den Brink has completed a Savatage screen saver. Check the Themes & Screen Savers Page for download sites.

Sharon Criner's pictures from the June 14th show have been added to the Images Gallery.

august 29, 1998

Update from Paul O'Neill.

Savatage is preparing to release the second radio single from "The Wake of Magellan". The new single will be "Turns to Me". It will be available on Radio Stations in mid September. Get ready to start requesting it.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra's new Christmas opus, "The Christmas Attic", is completed. It will be released for the 1998 Christmas season. Paul, Jon, Bob and the gang are extremely happy with the outcome. They are returning to the studio to continue with the next TSO release tentatively titled, "Beethoven's Last Night". "Beethoven's Last Night" will be a departure from Christmas themed projects.

A number of community theaters and churches are planning Christmas productions of "Christmas Eve and Other Stories". If your organization is putting on such a production and a video copy is available, please send a copy to TSO, P.O. Box 3519, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163. The band is very interested in seeing the various interpretations.

A few Trans-Siberian Orchestra shows are in the works, a show on December 24th at the Hammerstien in NY, and a possible show in Philly. Also possible PBS or VH1 specials are in the works. More info will be posted when it is available.

Time Warner Music has received a record number of requests for music to "Chrismas Eve and Other Stories". Time Warmer Music plans to have "The Christmas Eve and Other Stories" Music book in stores in the Fall of 1999. Keep the request comming in until they release it.

july 20, 1998

Chris Caffery's 1998 US Tour Diary is up. Thanks to Chris for spending the time journaling life on the road through the eyes of the band. Also a special thanks to all those fans who entered the contest!!!

july 16, 1998

And the Winner is Scott Beland....Chris Caffery selected the winner of the Chris Caffery Tour Diary Contest a little sooner than I expected. Scott Beland is the lucky writer who will have his story in Chris Caffery's Tour Diary. The tour diary will be posted soon for all to read.

Ellen Bakvis has been hard at work getting the Article Archive in shape. She will now be maintaining the Article Archive and adding to it a number of new transcriptions. A big thanks to Ellen for her work, making many Savatage articles available to the English speaking fans.

july 12, 1998

Jon Oliva will be a guest on Rock Online July 19th 1998 at 5pm EST. Please pre-register for this event. You can submit questions in advance to Jon. Sava-Fans we need a great turn out for this event, so Savatage can do more!!! There is also a good bio on the site. Check it out, pre-register, and read the bio. Savatage Europe Tour Dates.

Savatage will be playing two European Music Festivals in August. The Wacken on August 8 and Rock Hard festival August 9, 1998. Al Pitrelli is recovering as exepected and should be in good health for these shows.

Chris Cafery Tour Diary Contest. The entries are in. Chris had a great time reading them thanks to many excellent writers out there who submitted their stories. A list of finalists is on the Tour Page.

Zachary proudly presented us with a picture of him and his daughter, Cassidy Noel, for his bio page. Zak and Jeff are attempting to release demos from their former band, Wicked Witch. There is some interest from some small European labels, and tons of interest from Savatage and Wicked Witch fans. Hopefully, they will be released within the next six months.

During the past few weeks we have been fighting excessively slow response from the www.savatage.com servers. We made a number of modifications to the site and server configuration to speed up response time as much as possible. If you are still having response time issues, contact us at savaweb@savatage.com.

The MP3 audio files and the FTP archive have been moved to a new server music.savatage.com/music/ftp to partition the heavy bandwidth traffic away from the other pages, especially the Message Board. I have also temporaily Mirrored a few MP3 files at www.trans-siberian.com/mp3. This should have much better transfer rates.

june 12, 1998

The transition to the new servers and new provider did not go as seemlessly as we had hoped. Thanks for sticking with us during the transition and for the numerous emails indicating the non functional parts of the site. All images, sound files, and themes are now accessible. If they become unaccessible again please email us at savaweb@savatage.com. We are still working minor issues will the Message Board, but for the most part it works fine.

may 12, 1998

The savatage.com domain has been moved to faster and more reliable servers. (You are reading this from the NEW server). The old servers were overloaded and constantly at high CPU and I/O usage. The new servers are faster and are home less overall traffic.  Over the next few days (typically 3-4 days) DNS servers will get the updated IP address ( or it can be accessed at savatage.osiriscomm.com.  Although, we expect the transition to be close to seemless, there may be tim es when the site can not be accessed. If you find problems with the site contact us at savaweb@savatage.com or savaweb@winternet.com.  At anytime check the message at next to the Icon Bar to determine which server you are using.

may 5, 1998

Updated Tour Dates have been posted on the Savatage Tour Page. There were quite a few changes so check them out. Start making travel plans to catch a show!!! These dates are still subject to change, but are the latest info straight from the band's management. Most Savatage memebers don't even know these dates yet!!!

Check out the details on the Chris Caffery Tour Diary Contest. The selected winner will have their story in Chris' Tour Diary. Check out the Savatage Tour Page for complete details.

Savatage was named America Online's May "Artist of the Month". Over ten Real Audio samples are available at AOL. (Audio Samples are no longer available at AOL - 6/12/98) It is about time Savatage got some recognition on US soil.

The Savatage.com pages will moving to new servers within the next few weeks. The new servers will provide faster more reliable data transfer rates. After the move the URL will stay the www.savatage.com. You can test the new servers at savatage.osiriscomm.com. There are a number of files that can be used as test downloads. We are currently targeting May 12 as the transition date.

april 7, 1998

To coincide with the US Release of The Wake Of Magellan, the site has been given a major face lift. The new look is incredible, thanks to Marcel van den Brink. Marcel created all the new images and imagemaps to make this overhaul possible. Currently, the main pages and a few key pages have been updated. Eventually, we will bring the new look to more pages, but with close to 200 pages it will take a while. The former Savatage Page will be around during the transition period. If you find any bad links or inaccessible areas please contact us at savaweb@savatage.com.

Chris Caffery's Tour Diary, "A Handful of Shows", from the South American Tour is now available. Thanks Chris for sharing the bands tour experiences.

march 26, 1998

Erikk Draven's "In Memory of Christopher Michael Oliva" site has drawn much attention. His site is now a featured site and is accessible through the Criss Icon on the menu bar. Many thanks to Erikk and Ellen in creating a quality page. Eventually we plan to move these pages to the savatage.com server, but for now they reside at tripod.com.

Brian Reichow has updated the FAQ, Rarities, and Discography pages, much of the updates come from a long conversation with Paul O'Neill. Thanks Paul for enduring Brian's questions and Brian for incorporating them into the pages.

Kathy's Savatage Adventure from the US Warmup Gigs has been posted. Read it and weep, you will wish you were there. Her excellent writing skills puts you right in the mist of the drama. Thanks Kathy for writting this up for us all to experience.

Thanks to Gerald Mengisen a number of pictures taken by Petra, Juliane, and Claudia Hock (German Fan Club - Sirens) from the Neu Isenburg and Strassburg shows.  Also more pictures from the US Warmup Gigs taken by Nathan Bradley.

South American Tour has come and gone, but the tour information is still available. By late April we should have some US tour dates available. Chris' tour diary is expected soon! Chris Caffery's Tour Diary, "Columbus, Magellan, and Savatage Sailed Across the Ocean" has been put up for your enjoyment.

Changed some formatting of the main page just to make it more appealling and easier to use. (In case you had not yet noticed).

february 27, 1998

Update from various sources.

Savatage is preparing for their First Ever South America Tour. Check the Details on the South American Tour Page. General information on the Upcoming US and European Tours are on the Tour Page .

The US Release date for "The Wake of Magellan" has been annouced. It will be released April 7th, 1998. As a special treat to US fans, there bonus tracks will be on the CD. Check the The Wake of Magellan Page for details.

Zachary and Tina are proud parents of a baby daughter, Cassidy Noel. She arrived a few weeks earlier that expected on December 23rd, The were able to return home on Christmas Day. Cassidy, Tina and Zak are all doing well at home.

Find out what it is like being on the road with Savatage. Chris Caffery's Tour Diary from the European Tour is now online.