April 9, 2002
Press Release


NEW YORK/TAMPA, Fla. - Savatage would like to welcome back world renowned guitarist Al Pitrelli from his time in Megadeth.

"Me and the boys have remained friends in the past couple of years, touring together on a lot of the same bills last summer. I was also fortunate enough to work closely with Paul, Jon, and Bob as their musical director on one of the touring companies of Trans-Siberian Orchestra this past season. I can't wait to get back in the studio with the all the boys and make a great Savatage record!" says Al Pitrelli.

Founding member Jon Oliva says "For the past 5 years we haven't recorded without Al in either Savatage or Trans-Siberian Orchestra. When we heard Dave Mustaine was calling it quits we felt it was natural that he step up his involvement with us."

Bassist Johnny Lee Middleton continues, "We would like to thank Jack Frost for the time he spent with us. He was a wonderful friend and a total gentlemen, as well as a great performer and musician. We hope to work with him in the future.