SAVATAGE January 14, 1996
Concert Review


January 14, 1996
Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg, Germany
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SINNER: Songs: Well... Sound: Drums good, Bass too much, almost no guitar and singer

Setlist: Nothings Going On, Jesus Saves, Taunting Cobras, Handful of Rain, Starlight, Dead Winter Dead, Chance, Alone You Breathe, Doesn't Matter Anyway, Mozart and Madness, Edge of Thorns, Gutter Ballet, Sirens, Hall of the Mountain King, One Child, Overture/Sarajevo, This is the Time (not quite sure if in this order...)

I must admit that if somebody showed me this setlist just before the show, I'd probably have said: Well, good songs, but almost no old one! But now I know: they don't have to play lots of old stuff, the concert was great. First of all the band. Zak sings even better than on CD (I think), and every other band member really CAN play his instrument. And Jon... plays keyboards, sings, makes silly faces, interpolates "Beyond the doors of the dark" on request... everybody of them seemed to have good fun, as we, the crowd, had! Almost everybody knew the lyrics of almost every song, and sung along, screamed, jumped... The band was quite impressed, too, I think. Zak said:"You worked a lot for us, so we'll do something for you, too", and they played "One Child" live for the first time. And they sung great, as on the incredible "Chance", these songs were two of the show's highlights. I think, the sound was quite good. The piano could have been a bit more, but the sound was very powerful this way. OK, as I said, I would have been happy if they had played more old songs, but now I'm happy, too. The new songs worked out good, too (including a superb guitar/piano solo of Al and Jon) and everybody was in a very good mood. Further Highlights were: Alone you breathe, Edge of thorns, Gutter Ballet and Hall o.t.m.k. One of the best concerts I've ever been to! MADNESS REIGNS!