Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 19, 2000
Concert Review


- Akron, OH
By Tony Ross


December 19th at E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall in Akron, OH

This is really not an in depth review like others have posted and I want to mention that I think some of your reviews have been great. I could not wait to see the show and it helped me get my fix before I got to see them. I had seen the show last year in Cleveland with my wife and of course we both loved it. At first when I heard that they were splitting up the band to fulfill more shows in a short period of time I was a little disappointed. However when I found out that Alex was going to be the new guitar player I was really pumped. It was exciting to me to compare the show from last year to this year and see how other musicians worked the music and the audience on stage. In a few words, I was blown away. It was an excellent show and my wife told me how the show put her in the Christmas spirit.

It was interesting to see Chris doing most of the solos and I thought he did a great job. I knew that he was a talented guitar player and last year I was a little disappointed that he didn't do more. This year he was the center of the show and he is a great frontman. Alex of course did an excellent job as well and I loved how he interacted with the audience, he looked very comfortable with the rest of the group. I can't say enough about everyone in the group, so to some it up, they were great!

After the show we stayed and met everyone, and I had brought a bunch of different things for them to sign. They were all happy to sign everything that I brought. Chris was happy to see that I was not only a Sava fan but also a Butcher fan, and he gave me one of his guitar pics. Alex was blown away that I had some Testament and Sava covers for him to sign and that he had been a big influence on me as a guitar player.

After everything was over, I thought of how much fun the whole experience was and hope to see them in the future. I also forgot to tell Chris that I loved his new guitar and ask Alex if he was going to re-join Savatage (That would be excellent!).