Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 8, 2000
Concert Review


Albany, NY
by Greg Rossettini


A great show, the musicians were very very tight and with that many instruments i was suprised to see how well they pulled it off.

Before the show Caffrey came out and was just looking around, i went over said hi, greeted a few passerby Savatage fans and went back to my seat. The show finally started, with them going through the entire Christmas Eve and Other Stories complete with narration. All the musicians were on, though unfortunately Paul O'Neil was not there, for reasons unknown to me, it was still amazing. Skolnick was great, he cut his hair (i can't believe it). The bassist, Dave Z i have to say i was amazed by. The guy can REALLY play bass. Caffrey, of course, was amazing, sporting his new guitar. Jeff Plate was in the background twirling and tossing his drum sticks, one time he threw up his stick and missed the catch, it was funny.

After they went through that album, Caffrey came out and spoke to the crowd, had the people on the balcony telling "merry" the people below yelling "christmas." They went and did some songs off Beethoven's last night and Christmas Attic. The little skat thing with Skolnick was real cool, he's actually a pretty good singer.

For their encore they came out and played three songs at once, Find Our Way Home, Requiem (the fifth) and at the end they did Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) once again, the mobile musicians jumping offstage, playing near the crowd... it was great.

Afterwards we got to meet them, Dave Z gave me a copy of his band's cd. (October Thorns) When i got to Chris i said i was disappointed Zak wasn't on the new album, he said that when Zak stepped down, Jon really stepped up to the plate and did amazing. He said that the stuff Jon sings, he doesn't think Zak could have done... so i think that bodes well for us Savatage fans... though it's not Zak, Jon seems to really have come through on this.

I talked to Skolnick about his hair, he was real cool, they were all cool.

It was a great show, DEFINATELY worth the time and money... all the musicians were great, one hell of a performance.

--I was surprised though, there were actually a LOT of Savatage fans there... i was wearing my Dead Winter Dead shirt, it was awesome hearing people when they walked by going "Yeah, that dude's got a Savatage shirt." It was cool as hell.

Review #2

Albany, NY
by Jeff Richards



I attended the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show at the Palace Theater in Albany,New York on 12/8/00. i went with 3 other fans of the band and we were FLOORED at the performance (to say the least) we love all of the cd's, but they can't compare to the live show. it was the perfect christmas show to attend. there was plenty of Trans-Siberian Christmas excerpts from both cd's. i myself was blown away at the guitar work and the singers. what better guitarists to have than Chris and Alec Scolnick!! i couldn't believe that Scolnick was the guitarist. he was one of my favorite guitarists, but that was going by his work with Testament. to see him now in TSO made was really cool. Chris, on the other hand was a show in himself. we were so entertained with his performance (and everyone else as well). the lights and sound were unbelievable and added SO much to the show!! to sum it up in a few other word - we laughed, we said "WOW" more than any other show EVER, and we gave them a standing ovation!! now all the world needs is a DVD of a live TSO show!! thank you so much for coming to our hometown and giving us the greatest live show we have ever seen. we hope to god you make it back for the Beethoven's Last Night show.

(A Still Blown Away) Jeff Richards

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George Simone


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