Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 22, 2000
Concert Review


- Boston, MA
By Scott Wilson


Just wanted to drop a line about the incredible TSO show last night here in Boston. This was the first time TSO has been to the area and I have been a fan since I first heard Christmas Eve and Other Stories, so you can imagine my surprise when a Boston date was announced!! Now for the Show:

The band played a place called the Orpheum, any one from the area knows this venue. In its heyday it was a prestigious Opera/Play house. In the 80's it was Boston's Metal Mecca. I have seen countless triple bill shows there (Savatage and Testament w/ Nuclear Assault comes to mind). So I was psyched that this was to be the venue.

The band took the stage about 7:45PM or so and proceeded to rip through a majority of the Christmas Eve album. Each instrumental selection brought the house down and the vocal performances melted the crowd in their seats. Chris and Alex tore the stage apart. New bassist Dave Z was awe inspiring. Chris made the comment that this was Dave's first national tour. Well you never would have known. He was a monster.

Jeff's drumming was spectacular. The Orpheumalways has been a great drum room ad tonight was no exception. Mark Wood and the strings added the perfect classical touch. It was cool when Mark took the stage and jammed with the band on the Beethoven selections during the encore. Bob was brilliant on keys as usual. Solid as a rock.

The singers injected life into every son. What can you say about Darryl that has not already been said. He plays a mean guitar too. Joe Cerisano held his own admirably also. Everyone just plain ROCKED!! The Grinch selection was a cool addition. The light show was top notch and to have the band meet the fans and sign autographs after the show just made it that more special. What a class production from a group of classy people. Oh yeah I got to meet a certain Mr. O'Neil just after the house lights came up. He was standing in the crowd near an exit door just watching the crowd leave with satisfied smiles. What great night and I can wait until the Beethoven tour this summer. Happy Holidays to all.