Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 7, 2000
Concert Review


Colorado Springs, CO
by Craig Dertien


The Show kicked butt!!!!!!!!!!! The song list was pretty much the same as the other shows other than they played Music box and I'm not sure if they played that at all the shows or not. The crowd ranged from ages 6 to 60^ and every one seemed to enjoy the preformance despite the amazing generationgap. Johnnie was looking mighty cool and relaxed and on the money. The guitarist did every thing just the way Al would have and I'm sure he would be proud of the way his guitar work was represented.

From what i can tell from reading the other reviews the big difference between the west and east productions is we got Paul.Imet him right before the show started and asked him to sign my WOM cd cover and he seemed to really apreciate that i loved that album. He took me and my wife (and a bunch of others backstage for Three Kings ,and the grinch .that was so cool. TSO was awsome but the highlite of the evening for me was meeting and gushing to Paul O'Neil. every thing that has ever been said about the guys of Savatage is true ,becuse he was a really nice guy and took the time to talk with us . Thanks _Paul , he even gave me a Savatage guitar pic with his name printed on the back. The worst part of the night was I didn't get to meet Johnnnie becuse my wife broke her toe earlier that morning and really needed to get home after the show and put it up. all in all it was a very enjoyable evening and I'm glad I got to Experience it