Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 9, 2000
Concert Review


Denver, CO
by Carol Murphy


The magic of Trans-Siberian Orchestra enchanted all who attended this magnificent show in Denver on Friday night, December 8th. The acoustics, lighting and effects were fabulous. To share a favorite Christmas quote: "Backward, turn backward,/O Time in your flight,/Make me a child again, just for tonight!" I sat, in a trance, as the child in me watched in glee your spectacular event.

Paul, I admire your work and I am in awe of your creativity; how wonderful for you to see your dream unfold night after night. Your talented band (it was great to see Johnny Lee!) and singers, especially Michael and Tommy, must feel honored to be part of your genius.

The line for autographs was long (and I wouldn't have been able to say anything intelligent to you in all the excitement anyway), but I felt inspired just being there. To paraphrase your words, everything we do touches someone else; Paul, your work with TSO and Savatage has definitely touched me and I can't wait for Beethoven (as well as Savatage/Poets -- Denver had better be on this tour!). I'm honored to share my city with you (although you were a bit winded by our itty-bitty mile-high altitude!) and I'm glad to be sharing this earth with you. Thank God for people like you!

Merry Christmas!

Carol Murphy - Denver, Colorado
December 9, 2000