Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 22, 2000
Concert Review


- St. Petersburg, FL
by Mike Fortin


What can I say that has not already been said??? This show absolutely rocked. It was flawless. I am so greatful that they did the 2 different companies. I am really bad with names but Michael L. gave me goosebumps when he sang. We had asked him if he had performed on the first 2 albums and he said no. We were shocked cuz he NAILED The Three Kings and I and Good King Joy. Then there was Tom Faresse. What can I say tear welled during Old City Bar. I also like the way he did Ornament and This Christmas Day. The light show was also killer. I will have to say that adding a bit of Landslide during Music Box was very cool. During the after show signing I had mentioned that I heard about it from previous reviews and I was asked where I saw reviews and I said the Sa! vatage website. I was looked at strange cuz I am not sure they wanted to know there were reviews by fans out there. I assured them the fan reviews were all good. On a side note I did see the Mountain King poke his head out from backstage. Unfortunately he did not stick around for autographs. I did get to meet Paul who is extremely down to earth and funny as hell. Poets and Madmen was mentioned a few times to him, which was funny. This show was my Christmas present and it is probably the best present I have ever received. Thanks to my partner and TSO. Pics to follow.

Review # 2

- St. Petersburg, FL
by Dennis Beatty


Wow , The show was amazing.The crowd was great.It was a sold out show.and again everyone from ages 7 to 70 were there and everybody enjoyed the show I sat in the dress circle( dead center second floor) with my long time friend and long time sava fan Dana to my right, to my left sat a couple most likely in their fifties who really didnt know what they were coming to see except that it was an orchestra and he used to play in before the show I gave him a few details and they seemed intrigued.During the show I could tell that they very much enjoyed themselves, he asked me questions throughout about both Sava and TSO. It was cool...Well I was expecting the Caffery/Skolnic touring group and was suprised to see Middletons TSO, Who put on a great show.We were also graced with the presence of Jon Oliva who was standing roughly 20 feet from me durning the first few songs of the set and then disapeared back stage left.

Mason Dixon from U92 and Kay Story came out with a check for $2100.00 that was raised for charity from ticket sales and Paul O'Neil said to add another $1000.00 to it( man this guy has a heart of gold)Mason Dixon also had this really cool Savatage jacket on, and Savatage was promoted a few time throughout the show...I was amazed to see how many Sava fans were there ...when they asked if anyone was a Savatage fan almost half the place started cheering....Tso itself procured a few standing ovations, it felt really great to see so many people really in to the music,and I think some of them will actually go out and but some sava stuff just out of curiousity which is great for Savatage, bring on the fans...

Well the show was pretty much the same as the afore mentioned. the set list was X-mas eve and other stories leaving out only a few songs.they did a few from X-mas attic and Kay Story did music box...they did a funny scat and a few BLN songs and the Grinch with the Oliva sample(saying the grinch) all and all it was everything and more then I expected.BRAVO

After the show I was about 20th in line for autographs and everybody from the troupe signed my BLN poster I bought early that evening I talked to Johnny Lee for a few minutes and he said the new Sava album rocks and to expect something along the lines of HOTMK era...he said Jon did a great job on vocals and that the sound was great...he also confirmed unoffically of course that begining of march was the actual release date...which is cool because my birthday is in march(happy birthday to me)... everyone was really cool and Kay Story Wow enough said....

Just as I finished and was getting ready to leave Paul O'Neil came out and sat down on a counter at the end of the line and formed a new line which threw security for a loop, I heard guard say "whats this guy doing"....I had to laugh. at any rate he was signing autographs and handing out signed back stage passes and signed guitar picks...he was really cool, and just show how cool he was when I got to talk to him I asked about Oliva and he screamed over the crowd to Johnny Lee and asked him if he knew where Jon was ...and Johnny said he was still back stage sorry......well there is always next time...Paul gave me a pick a signed my poster with some pretty funny stuff about jet lag and an arrow pointing to Beethoven sitting at the piano with his head in his hand.He said after 27 shows and 27 plane rides thats how was starting to feel.

By the way Johnny Lee also mentioned Savatage and TSO doing Shows in the Tampa Area next year ..I can wait

Merry Christmas to All

I had one kick ass night

Dennis Beatty (aka on the save board "foreveraftermusic")

Review # 3

- St. Petersburg, FL
by Kevin O'Connor


My wife and I had our first TSO or Savatage experience last friday night. Everyone knows the setlist by now so I just wanted to include a few observations.

There was the usual age difference from the other shows, however the only Savatage attire that I saw was a leather trench coat with a Criss Oliva tribute on the back. Everyone seemed to know what they were going to see and whenever there was a reference to Savatage on stage a strong majority of the crowd responded.

Michael Lanning was excellent and I hope we will see him on future recordings. He made "Prince of Peace" my new favorite TSO song. Tony Gaymor did a very good job at narrating the story. I wont soon forget the sight of him sitting behind Tommy Faresse crying during "Ornament"

Kay Story did a fine job on "Music Box-Landslide" Tommy Faresse was as good as I had heard. He commanded your attention whether he was singing solo, playing guitar, or singing back up. Unfortunately, the ladies sitting behind me could only focus on the fact that he had his sunglasses paced on top of his head, something they were compelled to point out every time he came on stage Johnny Lee was, well, Johnny!

Paul O'Neill was the nicest person I ever met. He sat there long after the rest of the band left answering questions, signing autographs and telling stories.

I learned during the meet and greet from Paul that Poets and Madmen will be out in March, TSO's next project will be the third Christmas album and that the long rumored Romonov will be a TSO project when it comes to light. I also got the impression from Johnny that there are no plans of replacing Zak right now.

Anyway, it was a great night that will be a part of my families holiday tradition for years to come. For 2 and 1/2 hours it felt like Christmas in Florida. It would have been nice though if Jon would have come out for the meet and greet. Oh, yeah if you want to meet the band after the meet and greet, Denny's is their restaurant of choice.`


Kevin O'Connor