Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 5, 2000
Concert Review


Greenbay, WI
by Joonz


Not much more to add than what has already been written. West coast line-up and set-list. The show was great. My wife and I attended, her not being a huge Savatage/TSO enthusiast, she was really impressed. The song An Old City Bar sent tears streaming down her face, that song always makes me struggle to hold back tears, it's a real credit to this band that not only knows how to rock to Christmas tunes but really hits on the whole meaning of Christmas.

The Brown County Arena has never been known for its acoustics, and it was noticeable especially the drums and bass. The set was smaller than I was expecting, after watching last years Ghost of Christmas Eve where you see many many people in the orchestra section, we had I think, seven string members, but amazingly the were heard very well and sounded fantastic

I was glad to see Johnny Lee and Tommy, otherwise I might have been a little disappointed because to me, being a huge Savatage fan, without their presence it just might not have meant as much. Though the music was great, I was so hoping to see all the Savatage members especially Al Pitrelli's guitar work, after seeing the Ghost of Christmas Eve special last year on Fox Family Channel his playing and his style are duplicated by no one. I know that he is no longer a member of Savatage but according to the web site it was mentioned that he might be touring with TSO.

A very nice touch was the meet the band session afterwards. I have not yet had the opportunity to see a Savatage concert so I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity, meeting the band members was cool, that goes with out saying. I had an opportunity to have a few words with Johnny Lee and told him what a huge Savatage fan I was and I was hoping the band would make their way to this area. It doesn't sound promising. There were only a few Savatage fans at the show. Savatage notoriety is at a minimum in this area, unfortunately, so I am very glad to see the amount of success that TSO is bringing.

An even nicer touch was the donation the band made to the local charity. These people are first class. They not only write about the spirit of Christmas, they live it. God Bless the TSO.

Merry Christmas

Review # 2

Greenbay, WI
by Blex


Well it's 5 am so my typing i will be kinda off but yesturday was the best day of my life. It started around 3 when me and my friend chuck went to the autograph signing at shopko from 3-5. It was amazing. I got my gutter ballet booklet signed by Johnny Lee and got autographs from other members of TSO whos names i would find out later (yes i felt like an ass knowing johnny lee as the only one i recognized but it was cool).

I also met Kay story who sang on music box blues. I got pictures with them and they even let me go behind the autograph booth and sit with the guys for pictures. It was amazing.. Kay is amazing she smiled at me and when she sang music box on the radio station and in the store at shopko. I felt like a stud cause she smiled at me and Chuck during and at the end of the song..kay if you read this YOU RULE!! anyways

From 5-7 Me, Chuck and his sister ate then we picked up my girlfriend at 6:30 and headed to the concert. The concert was absolteluy amazing!!! Johnny Lee was the front man with all the singers getting eqaul time on the songs the setlist was

-boughs of holly

-(story) and then xmas eve & other stories in it's entireity without a star to follow and promises to keep

After a standing ovation they introduced the band and when they introduced Johnny Lee last and Tommy Faresse asked ARE THERE ANY SAVATAGE FANS HERE ..while there was about me and 1 other fan with a savatage shirt there, about 10 people (est) cheered (including me yelling like a madman!! with the entire damn floor section looking at me like im crazy).

After that the setlist was the grinch song off the soundtrack with the 2nd half staring with oliva's overdubed voice saying GRINCH. Next was the three kings with a cool improv with the singer and guitarists. Then the highlights were Mozart, Music Box with Kay Story, Requiem, The Snow Came Down, and then my favorite moment of the show was A last illiusion. It was amazing. I was in another world when they kicked into beethoven's 9th...after that they played Find Our Way Home and finished with a reprise of Xmas eve and ended with a standing ovation and bowing by the members (the cool part was when out of the entire crowd kay story POINTED AT ME IT WAS SOO COOL!!!! !! damn!!!

This is where it gets better me and the 3 others i went with stook around till last for the autographs and got pictures and autographs from everybody on a tso poster they sold..but the coolest thing was EVERY PERSON in the band signed my girlfriend's STOMACH it was amazing Aand this aint no normal stomach my girlfriend is damn hot (im still glowing as you can see from the concert)

Anyways after leaving I realized this was the best night I've had in the past few years if not my life. I ended with a night with my girlfriend and her autographed stomach (and yes i did let her know i still like her and im not gonna run off with Kay Story!!!).

Anyways its 5 am i got class in 3 hours and homework due but damn im the happiest man in the city of Green Bay!!!

I think Green Bay has about 10 Savatage fans because we were all last to get autographs and very knowledgeable about the band was cool.

!!!! I hope this fills you all in and ill have a detailed and spell checked report tomorrow to post on the TSO concert review webpage!!!

As for the dressing I wore Savatage TWOM shirt, my friend Chuck wore normal cloths, his sister wore normal cloths , and my girlfriend dressed up really big (aka her stomach got autographed by all!!).

The only downfall about the show was I heard where my girlfriend and chucks sister were a handful of people got up and left cause they thought this was gonna be an "Orchestra" type thing...damn...the other 2000 or so that were left there LOVED IT ALL and got really roudy as the show went on...which was odd cause for the first 3 songs there was no movement or cheering during songs just after...shit i wanted to stand up and headbang and sing and dance but i contained it enough cause this is a TSO concert not a savatage concert (though after xmas eve and johnny's introducation i yelled SAVATAGEEEEEEEEEEE at my loudest voice)

I must also mention that the musicianship was amazing the guitarists and drums and everything was amazing it was on note-for-note i even told the guitarist afterwords it's like al petrelli never left it was so accurate.

well thats all i can remember ill post more in my detailed review later on...marry chirmstas!!!!!

If the TSO guys or Savatage guys read this THANKS AGAIN. THIS WAS the best night of my life (seeing i just moved to green bay 5 months ago and was in the hospital and in bad shape a year ago to the day (dec 4th) for a colon infection)..i guess a year makes a big difference!!

goodnight all! (or goodmorning)!!!!