Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 10, 2000
Concert Review


Zembo Mosque - Harrisburgh, PA
by Metal Jester


Took the 3 hour drive there and back last night with Emily and Jude. A few observations on last night's show:

1) I enjoyed meeting George, Clay, Jaysin, SavaRyche (Jason) and his wife.

2) The show had a few changes. The scat jam with Daryl lasted longer. Chris got in in the act with Alex but Daryl was still the catylist. They didn't play The Snow Came Down but there was more clowning around by Chris and all. You could tell they were getting more comfortable together.

3) Chris introduced Dave Z as Dave Zembo because they were at the Zembo Mosque Temple.

4) Tim Kane (the narrator) did a great Darth Vader impression.

5) Mark Wood came out and jammed a few BLN songs, jumping around and off of Jeff's drum platform.

6) Front row was definately the best way to see the show. done good.

Pictures by
George Simone


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