Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 5, 2000
Concert Review


Milwaukee, WI
by Zoy Begos


First off, what a great evening last night at the wonderful Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, WI, witnessing the magic of Paul O'Neill's Trans Siberian Orchestra live! The venue was packed (near sellout) and the crowd was very enthusiastic to hear TSO play for the first time in Milwaukee.

I was with a group of 8 people of which only myself and one other knew who TSO were. I'm happy to say that everyone in my group left the theater completely thrilled with the performance of TSO.

The setlist was the same/similar to the previous shows. A majority of Christmas Eve & Other Stories...a few songs off of The Christmas Attic, Beethoveens Last Night and one song from The Grinch soundtrack (first time I have heard this song...I enjoyed it very much, plus it was nice to hear Jon Oliva's canned voice saying "Grinch" :) ).

Milwaukee (like other cities I think) radio was co-sponsoring the show and two tickets were won/bid by a couple who paid $310 to watch TSO from the front row with proceeds going to fight hunger:). Also $1 from each ticket purchased went towards fighting hunger.

The singers for the show were all amazing in their own way. Michael Lanning did an amazing job on the songs he performed including Three Kings and I (What Really Happened), which was fantastic!!! Tommy Farese was spectacular singing his songs, including Old City Bar (brought tears to my girlfriend's eyes, who also is an accomplished singer:) and This Christmas Day. Tommy Farese has a truly amazing and unique voice (he also played guitar on Christmas Eve Sarajevo). I forget the third male singers name (he did a very good job opening the singing portion of the evening with An Angel Came Down).

Kay Story sang Music Box very well and also sang Landslide (stevie nicks-Fleetwood mac) in the middle of this song.

The only glitch from my end was that there was a little bit of a buzzing speaker problem at the start of the show, which was quickly resolved.

Overall, the fans of Milwaukee really responded to TSO and I am hopeful that TSO will grace us with another appearance down the road.

I recommend everyone out there who has a chance to see TSO this holiday season to do just won't regret it! Long live the genius of Paul O'Neill, TSO and SAVATAGE!



Pictures by
Scott Javoroski