Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 23, 2000
Concert Review


Beacon Theater - New York, NY
by Lucille Guarino


Well I can't really say anything different from what has already been said about the TSO East Company.  They were superb.  Almost Flawless.  I really enjoyed the way the show was staged.  Great lighting effects, great stage choreography, along with an extremely high amount of energy from all of of the TSO musicians.  It was musical perfection.  In fact, the gentlemen next to me indicated how amazed he was at the likeness to the studio versions.   Dave Z is great, it's too bad Savatage/TSO can't use two bass players.  The only glitches I found were:  during the first song I couldn't hear Chris' guitar at all (although people have, on occasion, told me that I'm hard of hearing); and I personally missed the vocals of Tommy Farese.

As I stood on line to get Paul O'Neill's autograph, he had everyone in laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt.  Paul has to be one of the nicest guys on earth.  I was excited to meet Chris, but by that time almost everyone was gone and the Beacon staff was pushing everyone out the door.  Chris' only concern was that he hadn't had time to answer my last e-mail.  Another really nice guy.

In addition to the great show, highlights of my evening included meeting Etrag and Metal Jester from the message boards.  Even if we didn't have much time to finish dinner, we got to the show on time, and that's what counts.  I also met several others including ORLM and CD Mitchell.

What a great evening.  Today, I have no voice left from screaming "Merry" one too many times.
Beacon Theater Pictures by Lucille Guarino

Review # 2  

Beacon Theater - New York, NY
by Roger Manzo Jr


What a show!!! There are no words to describe it. This was my second time seeing TSO. This time I brought my sister and my mother along with me. I don't think I heard a peep out of them for the entire show. Later they said that it was so amazing that it just mesmerized them. As everyone else who went to the show knows, it was perfection.

Goosebumps throughout the entire show. My sister said that she almost started to cry at one point the story was so real. So emotional, so dynamic, it never leaves you after you hear it.

Roger Manzo Jr.
aka Odeon Max
Sitting in the "Chris" part of the Beacon.

Beacon Theater
Pictures by
Chris Mitchell