Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 5, 2000
Concert Review


Cleveland, OH
by Andrew James


UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! I was fortunate to catch the group last year on their first tour and I was blown away. I have been a Savatage fan for years and have adopted TSO with the same love and respect. I didn't think anything could top last years show until I saw the show this year! It was simply AMAZING!! Everyone was absolutely GREAT!! I was even surprised to see Alex Skolnik. From where I was, he looked like some short-haired punk kid on guitar. He and Darrel did some very cool scatting suring the show that nearly brought the house down. I can't wait for these guys to tour for "Beethovens Last Night." I strongly urge anyone who has a chance to go and see this show. My fiancee and I took her parents to the show and they were speechless after seeing exactly how a production like that was put on. They are Floyd fans from way back and said that they have never seen a better show than TSO. All I can is thanks for the great memories and KEEP ROCKIN'!!!!!!!!

Andrew in Ohio