Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 6, 2000
Concert Review


Cleveland, OH
by Cheryll & Glenn Martin



I'm not much of a reviewer but I'll give it a try. I'd like to start of with the miracle of getting the tickets. I went to the local ticket place the day they went on sale, but was too early. Instead of waiting around, I decided to go home and see if I could get them online. What a surprise I got when they were on sale and ended up getting seats in the eighth row dead center!! My husband was thrilled, as he's been a Savatage fan for years. We took a friend of ours, Bryan, who is also a fan. In his words, "These seats don't suck!"

Anyway, what a treat it was to see these guys live. This was our first time seeing TSO and it won't be the last. None of us can remember all the names that go with the faces, so we're sorry about that. The narrator was intense. Very animated in his story telling and kept the audience wanting to hear more of the story. Darryl, one of the singers, has the most powerful voices we've ever heard. The other singers also did a great job. Everyone was right on the money. Everything from the sound to the lighting was fantastic. Meeting everyone after the show was a pleasure. All of them very nice and willing to take pictures. Paul O'Neill even posed for pictures with us and specially signed our CD with a very humorous statement.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes,
Cheryll and Glenn Martin

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