Trans-Siberian Orchestra
December 4, 2000
Concert Review


Cleveland, OH
by Louis Salvati


Wow! I have alot to say about this concert and about this evening I hope you all enjoy. My night started out about 4:30 PM when I pulled into the parking garage in Cleveland. It was perfect weather and I encountered no traffic. I walked around the area and settled on a nice Cajun joint called Redfish. I was the first one there for dinner and Tony my waiter was an awesome guy he took care of my dinner and sat and talked football with me while I ate. I know Tony won't read this but he made eating alone two hours from home very enjoyable.

From dinner I went to the theater I got in about 6:30 and saw Jeff up on stage talkin to some of the crew. About 15 minutes later I met Pops from the Savaboard and his wife. They were in the seats right next to mine(awesome seats by the way!). Shortly thereafter we met Ytsejamer from the Savaboard and we all sat around and talked until the show began. I have no adequate words to describe the show to you but I will try.

I truly love both TSO CDs, but the one thing that stands out to me about Christmas Eve and other stories is the story. Not only is this a great story but its beatifully written. So to see this performed with the complete narration is a treat beyond treats. The narrator was exellent he was so into the story that it made it come alive for me. The band was INCREDIBLE. Just to see Mr. Caffery and Mr. Skolnick was a treat in itself but the music was wonderful. Skolnick was incredible and the thing that made his performace extra special was that he seemed so excited just to be there. He was dancing and head bobbing to the music and his playing is so expressive. Mr. Caffery what can I say about you! I love the new guitar. I love the Sava S on the new guitar. Chris is and was the consumate professional and he made the show extra special.

Dave Z, You Da Man! Bob Kinkel the heart of the show enuff said. Lets not forget alice cooper on violin! This guy was fun to watch. There is one guy I left out and I've done so for a reason. I'm saving the best for last. During the show my focus was mostly on Biff, Alex, and Dave Z and of course the incredible vocalists, but the show would have been only half as good if it weren't for Mr. Jeff Plate just rockin' the house on the Skins. Jeff Plate is the master of disaster on drums. My hats off to you Jeff Plate can't wait till the sava tour.

OK lets talk singers. Darrel P. the man's voice goes straight to my soul!! Thank you sava gods for puttin Mr. P on the east tour. The singer they had to do Tommy F's stuff was fanatastic just like having Tommy there. The other two singers were simply great too. What a night ! Highlights were The narrator for CEaOS, Alex singing scat, Biff's new guitar sound (much better than last years sound, and I had no complaints last year), The LIGHTS were top notch, and lastly the graciousness and gratitude the band showed to the city of Cleveland. Thank You. Some random notes, Chris said that next year they would break up into TSO East/West /and Cleveland LOL! It was mentioned several times that they are going to try and tour sometime next year in support of BLN, YES! and Paul said they would like to kick off the tour guess where CLEVELAND! Mr. Cafferypushed the awareness of BLN very hard so hopefully this will drum up some sales.

Thank you TSO for another top notch Christmas Kickoff!!!

Lou (Chemist)