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Posted by Caracas on January 05, 99 at 18:08:29:

In Reply to: Savatage Convention posted by Joker on January 05, 99 at 16:22:08:

I vote for Florida. My question though is this:

Are you having this convention in addition-to or as opposed-to the Hard Rock convention in March?

My strong suggestion would be to have this convention IN-ADDITION to the one in Florida. If you don't know what I'm talking about...please read several postings down...done by Kathy. That will explain it. The only problem I see with having 2 conventions is this: Most people won't be able to afford going to 2 conventions. I'm paying $180 to go to Florida. I really don't think I'll be going to Connecticut too! The purpose of going to Florida is to celebrate Criss' (notice how I spelled his name correctly?) induction into the Hard we can all go (as a group) to visit Criss' gravesite. Currently there are already 20+ people who WILL DEFINITELY be in Florida, including Clay and probably members of the band. You know the Hard Rock will not turn them down if they want to play. And we want them to play!!! Here's the deal...the more people we get to go to Florida...the more likely the band will play. Also consider this as far as us fans doing our part to help expose Savatage:

Having a fan gathering at the Hard Rock Cafe is great promotion for the band. Whether they appear or not, TONS of their dedicated fans will, and that will be exposing Tage to people who will already be in the HRC... people who are already fans of hard rock and would easily get into Savatage if they were introduced to them somehow. Don't you agree that it's more important for Savatage and a group of fans to be at the Hard Rock, where exposure is going to have a major effect, rather than in CT... where it won't do anything but bring some fans together (which is cool, but it doesn't help the band)?

You said it yourself...Florida is HOME to Savatage (even if some of them live in New York, or wherever). Savatage matured in Florida...and we fans grew up knowing Savatage as a Florida-based band...not Connecticut. That's where Fates Warning is from. Now I'd go to Connecticut for a Fates convention, since that's their home. See my point?

If you still want to have a convention in my guest. But PLEASE don't do it until sometime around June or July...that way we can all save up enough money to go to both Florida in March, and Connecticut in June or July. I know I'll be able to go to Connecticut then.

What I'm really saying is this: your idea is a good one, but just not now. Not until AFTER Florida. Besides...Connecticut is better in the summer anyway...right now it's just too damn cold there, and it rains alot in the Spring. And also, keep this in mind...those Savafans that want to go to the convention, but can't because of school, will be able to in the summer. :)

Lori & Caracas

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