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Posted by Wyrdwad on January 09, 99 at 19:15:02:

In Reply to: My amateur analysis posted by Trog on January 09, 99 at 18:17:56:

You made perfect sense, and I can see exactly what you mean. However, I'm not so sure that I agree with you...

DWD and Streets are unfair to compare with one another 'cause they're different KINDS of rock operas. Streets is focused on the character of DT Jesus, whereas DWD is focused more on the events taking place than on any given character. In fact, the character whose voice is being sung from in ALMOST every song on the album, I believe, is the gargoyle. The gargoyle is a mere observer, as the listener is supposed to be. In Streets, the listener is supposed to feel as if s/he IS D.T. Jesus, and as a result, Streets really takes ya' in and makes you feel what DT is feeling -- and is an extremely successful rock opera because of it. By the same token, however, DWD is meant to be heard from the point of an observer -- you're watching the events unfold from a safe distance, not taking part in them as with Streets. The only songs where this is not the case, IMHO, are the two most powerful songs on the album: This is the Time and Not What You See. In both of these songs, the intensity and emotion matches that of even Believe, IMHO... you can really feel the hope and the vigor of the mass of people in TiTT (no dirty jokes, please) (:, and you can really feel the frustration and anxiety of Serdjan (SP?) in NWYS.

Streets and DWD are different, but just as good as one another IMHO... they just take different approaches to telling a story. Streets is more first-person, whereas DWD is more third-person. Both stories are powerful, and both moved me almost to tears in several parts.

Again, I'm no expert, so maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I see the two albums. (: I can see what you mean, however, and agree that DWD doesn't quite match Streets for overall power -- but what it lacks for overall, it makes up for in TiTT and NWYS, in which all of the images of hope and life are formed and can't help but make you feel that the world is a great place... then, in the end, all of the images of hate and death that have occurred since then are brought to the forefront and crammed into your mind, all in one song, to bring you to an impressively massive sense of urgency... and when the two manage to leave the night together, you almost cry with joy.


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