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Posted by SavaTapfan on January 12, 99 at 00:39:09:

In Reply to: All Savatage fans please read.... posted by Christopher Caffery on January 11, 99 at 23:14:05:

Well, Of COURSE a member of the band is going to go on about how "We love you, our fans"...."We can let the music, Criss's music live"...Blah, blah, blah....I wish for a MINUTE that someone would acknowledge the fact that the BOTTOM line with this band is MONEY. Can't anyone see that? I do not personally think there is anything wrong with that, however just ADMIT it...Don't hide behind some bullshit story like "We are doing it for the fans" as Chris C. put it so eloquently.
Hey Chris....If Savatage lost the record deal, would YOU continue and "make music for the fans" for no money, and help preserve Criss Oliva, as you proclaim to be doing?? You mean to tell me, that Jon Oliva would continue "Spreading the music of Criss Oliva" IF there were no money involved?? Bullshit..Complete and utter B U L L S H I T. WHY then, after Jon left the band, to "take a break" and because he did not want to tour, did he IMMEDIATELY form another band, start shopping for a record deal, and start a ridiculous OPERA project with his lame producer? WHY then, after Criss died, did the sava powers that be sit down and decide, "Hey we can get a few more records out under Atlantic" and start negotiating with management and there lame producer to get it happening? WHY then, as soon as they did get commitment from there record label, did Jon Oliva IMMEDIATELY start concentrating on Savatage, and put everything else on the back burner?? Because "He knew its what Criss wanted"?? BULLSHIT again...Its because the advances, the deal, and the possible future income with Savatage was a MUCH BETTER DEAL. PERIOD.
Anyone out there that disagrees can either "Post little ridiculous slams" against I, SAVATAPFAN, because I DARE TO speak the truth about the all mighty savatap...Or, they can do what any intelligent human being would do, and go do some RESEARCH on the subject and form their own opinions.

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