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Posted by Imp on January 12, 99 at 10:52:22:

In Reply to: THE PSEUDO GODS HAVE SPOKEN posted by SavaTapfan on January 12, 99 at 00:39:09:

Hmmm...ok, if the band just cared about the money...I dont think Chris would have even come on this page...I dont think he'd care if it was all about money. BUT, yeah money would have some to do with some things, but don't we all want money? Let's face it, without money, you're fucked! (Excuse my french). As for the record deal, when I last spoke to Jon, he was telling me that they actually either want to A> get rid of Atlantic or B> Get atlantic to push savatage's music more. Another point. Atlantic doesn't do SHIT for Savatage publicity wise. Any publicity that they do is for TSO. As for Jon leaving, as you see in another post, his voice was run down from the touring. He simply couldn't do the screams anymore. Why should he try to cover it up and make the music sound like shit? (Well not shit, but it wouldnt be good having Jon trying to scream and it not work right). Not to mention I'm sure he'd like to be able to talk when he gets older. If you ask me, I think he went back to Tage because of his brother. Yeah Savatage makes some money, but in the states? They probably lose money in the US , but tour for the fans. If he really wanted money that bad, I'm sure Jon could find a way of doing it without using Savatage.

I respect that you have an opinion, but spare us. You say to do hte research on them. Well, what better research than actually interacting with the band themselves? And if you're any good at reading people, you will be able to tell that these guys are genuine. They are all incredibly decent guys, who happen to create the most emotional music in the business. (In my mind anyways).

One last point here...ok can you really say that you'd like it if Savatage stayed the same? Do you realize how boring it would be if every Savatage album sounded the same? That's the thing about them, CHANGE. If you don't like it, fine. Why bother other fans about it?


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