Sorry... (another post about Savaflames)

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Posted by Mike in Euclid on January 13, 99 at 22:25:16:

Alright, I don't want to add any more fuel to the fire, but I've gotten to the point where I just have to say something about what's been going down out here lately. I posted something to this effect further down the board, but I don't know if anyone's gonna get down there far enough to see it. So here we go (please note the lack of hostility in this post before responding):

Alright. A few people have decided to use this board to express some negativity about Savatage. This is okay to an extent, but many of the posts appear calculated to infuriate people. We know its out there, so I'm really not going to talk about that much at all. You guys trying to piss off the people on the fans got what you wanted, while really showing your true colors. I'm not gonna get into that. If I do, it's just going to lead to more aggravated postings, more verbal brow-beating, and that's not what I'm after at all.

What I would like to know is why people who have their own (legitimate) reasons to dislike the band (I say legitimate because I'm not out to tell people their opinions are wrong), feel the need to force a conflict with people who don't hold that opinion. If you love older SavaStuff and hate new SavaStuff, that's fine. Nobody here is trying to force the new stuff down your throat, please recognize that. This board is frequented by people who like Savatage, no matter which era (the Jon Era, the Zak era, the Criss era, the post-Criss era, whatever you like) nobody intelligent is trying to say liking one era over the other is wrong. THIS IS A MATTER OF RESPECT, AND RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS AND FEELINGS. Please don't take it any other way. Many of us feel that Savatage is an all around good group of guys, if you don't, okay--but why try to antagonize? Nobody likes to see their opinions completely discredited and an object of derision, but some posters simply do not care about others' feelings.

Please people. We really need to end this bickering. It's okay for you to hold your own opinions, so why shouldn't it be okay for other people to hold different opinions? Opinions are opinions, and nobody intelligent would dare claim otherwise. If you don't like Savatage, please accept that we do--then we can all just move on and get back to the things we DO like. And if yours isn't Savatage, so be it. That's your decision.

And that's that. (sorry this took so long.....)

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