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Posted by Mike from Euc on January 14, 99 at 23:40:37:

In Reply to: Some valid questions that need answers posted by D'Artagnan on January 14, 99 at 09:07:51:

Okay. Thanks for asking these questions without being fully on the attack. We need more of this.

Anyways, here's my 2 cents(anyone sick of this expression yet? 8)):

First off-the strange history of Streets. I'm not gonna pretend to know exactly what the real story is, but I will dare say that the stories changed because no one really remembers who found the manuscript, who wanted to work it, or whatever. It may be kind of like telling a bunch of different people what you did yesterday. Every time you tell the story, you're gonna forget something, add something in, or whatever. Remember that old game called Telephone?

Second thing-Why keep using the name Savatage after Criss's death and allow different leads to play the older material? I can think of two reasons....first one being concerts. With a new band lineup, and a new direction to take the music in, audiences still want to hear the old classic Savatage music. And it's unfortunate that Criss isn't there to play that material for the fans, but somebody has to. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd feel pretty ripped off if they focused their shows around nothing but the new stuff (and this goes for any band at all, really). And the other reason I can come up with for allowing new bandmembers and guitarists in, is because the entire group wanted to keep making music. You may not see it as such, but I think that if the band had quit after Criss's death, they may have been easier to forget. To keep making music as a living tribute (and keeping the band alive is a good way of keeping Criss's memory alive if ever there was one) to Criss, keeping the Savatage name alive makes good sense to me.

Third thing-About the lyrics to Alone You Breathe. I've been wondering the same thing ever since I heard it was about Criss. When I first heard it, I had no idea it was an "in memoriam" kinda thing. I thought it was a song about suicide. Somebody please answer this one, because I need to know as well.

Sorry if this is long, but that's my spin on Savatage. And again, I'm not claiming to be an expert. This is just the sort of stuff that occurs to me when I'm listening to the music. That's all.

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