Pendragon: the next great band?

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Posted by Wyrdwad on January 15, 99 at 08:36:39:

I was recently guided to the following site by the Ayreon mailing list:

I checked it out, and upon clicking on the "Music" section, found some pretty dang awesome one-minute-long MP3 sound samples of Pendragon's music. VERY VERY VERY cool. Not since Savatage and Ayreon have I been so impressed with music, and these are only SAMPLES of songs! The songs "Paintbox" and "Bird of Paradise" sound FABULOUS, and I simply MUST hear the full versions sometime! And others, such as "Midnight Running", "Guardian of My Soul", "Queen of Hearts", and "Masters of Illusion" sound equally cool! And upon asking some people what they thought of the band, I received nothing but good tidings about them -- especially their newest non-live LP album, The Masquerade Overture, which is supposed to be EXCELLENT (if it has Paintbox, Guardian of My Soul, and Masters of Illusion on it, it's GOTTA be good!).

I very muchly recommend checking out this band. They've been around since 1985 or so, and their earlier stuff (like Queen of Hearts and Elephants Never Grow Old) kinda reminds me of Gutter Ballet era Savatage, whereas their newer stuff (like Paintbox and Bird of Paradise) reminds me of DWD-era Savatage or Ayreon without computer enhancement (but still WITH the same kinda sound!). If their imports weren't so dang expensive, I'd've ordered The Masquerade Overture by now! (:

Oh, and the band sounds like they've got a good sense of humor, too. The lead singer (?) had the following to say about the upcoming album, "1999", when asked about his progress on it:

"Well, we only have one chord done so far, but it's a GOOD chord!"


"And the demons wake while the mannequin sleeps
On the ticking and the tocking of the clock that weeps."
-Pendragon, "Guardian of My Soul"

I DID already post about this, but that was apparently before the moderators restored the current backup of the message board, and it got deleted.

Just thought I'd letcha know. (: I'm picky about music, and the stuff I like tends to be WELL-liked by most OTHER Savatage fans... so this one had to be posted about. (:


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