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Posted by Wyrdwad on January 15, 99 at 09:08:14:

In Reply to: Some valid questions that need answers posted by D'Artagnan on January 14, 99 at 09:07:51:

Interesting points, but I think you're being a bit too harsh on the band. Please read this message, and I'll explain why.

What I wanna know is WHY do you feel that the name should have changed, seeing as how only one member of the band (Criss Oliva) was removed? The rest of the band changed eventually too, but it had been doing so throughout its history, and continued to do so until Dead Winter Dead. Criss was just one member of the band: another guy who was replaced. Admittedly, the situations around his replacement were tragic, and his guitar work IS missed by all, but nonetheless, he was just one man. Savatage is an idea moreso than a person or even a band: as long as the idea lives, so too does the memory of Criss Oliva.

Criss was the founder of it, true, but so was Jon... and Jon was never really "not in the band". He wasn't OFFICIALLY in the band in Edge of Thorns, but if you read the liner notes, Jon did ALL the keyboards for EoT, which makes him a pretty integral part of it, if you ask me!!

So I ask again, why change the name? Savatage switched bass guitarists early on, from Keith Collins to Johnny Lee Middleton. Savatage incorporated Chris Caffery unofficially throughout their entire career, on and off. Savatage switched a LOT of people around... why should this one man, Criss Oliva, cause the name to change? It was just another switch. Criss Oliva to Alex Skolnick (SP?) to Al Pitrelli.

The vocals changed BEFORE Criss Oliva died to a Zak focus. They retained that Zak focus even after Criss's death.

Jon became keyboardist for the band before Criss Oliva's death. He is still the keyboardist.

The drummer changed after Handful of Rain, by his own will. He quit because he chose to. But for that one album after Criss Oliva's death, the drummer was the same.

Chris Caffery helped out throughout the band's history, both before and after Criss's death.

Paul O'neill produced with the same level of involvement, both before and after Criss's death.

All of these facts suggest the same thing: even without Criss Oliva, the band is STILL Savatage. Criss will be missed, but why would the band change its name? I doubt Criss was egomaniacal enough to believe that just because he "quit" the band, it wasn't Savatage anymore... Jon certainly didn't seem to mind that the band still called itself Savatage without his vocals when Zak Stevens joined, which to me is a MUCH bigger change than a new guitarist.

Would you still believe that the band should change its name if Criss Oliva merely QUIT the band, rather than dying? I should hope not...

I think you took it the wrong way when the band said that it would keep going "to honor Criss's death"... I believe they just meant that they wouldn't quit making music just because of a setback like that... they would instead keep making music, and they would honor Criss's death through song, which they did (Alone You Breathe, the MANY tribute albums, etc.). If I were Criss Oliva, that's how *I* would've wanted it...

As for the other points you brought up: I don't know the answers, but I have theories.

Alone You Breathe lyrics: they suggest that Criss Oliva "just let go" on a "rainswept night", and "threw it all away". That could very simply mean that Criss Oliva died... he let go of life on a rainswept night, and didn't fight when he was hit: he just threw it all away into the night, and let himself go peacefully without a fight.

Streets origin: Broadway play, movie, book. If you're writing a script, and you decided to trash it, who's to say what it's a script for? You could very well have written a play script, or a rough draft of a movie script, or you might just have written an outline for a book. My theory is that Paul O'Neill wrote it, without knowing exactly what its final purpose would be: book, movie, or play. When asked about it, he responded with whatever he felt at the time: he was in the mood to say that he wanted it to be a movie at one point. He was in the mood to say that he wanted it to be a play at one point. And since he wrote it down, maybe he was feeling down and felt that it could never be a play or movie, so he said book. If you're not sure what you want a story to be, all of these answers could very well be correct.

Here's an example of what I mean: I'm currently writing a story called "Dreamseekers". Depending on what mood I'm in, I'll either say that it's gonna be a novel, a set of short stories, or a computer role-playing game. All three are correct: I have a story in mind, with theme music and character development and such... but I've already written the first chapter of a book based upon it, several short stories based upon it, and a 1-2 hour playable computer RPG demo based upon it. The main story is contained on my computer as a plot summary. What its final form will be, I don't know. I even toyed with the idea of making a rock opera out of it at one point. (: So any of the above answers would be correct, if you asked me what the plot summary was. At the moment, my answer would either be "computer RPG" or "short story collection", since I'm working on both equally (check the link below to find out more info on the game).

I hope you can at least understand my point of view... I know I'm not the best at articulating my ideas, but my views aren't exactly "out there" or anything... I can understand your point of view very easily, I just don't agree with it. I hope that you can offer me the same respect.


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