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Posted by Dave on January 22, 99 at 15:49:44:

In Reply to: Responses to "D'Artagnan" posted by Paul / Clay on January 20, 99 at 23:35:03:

WOW, you talk about The powers that be "SIDE STEPPING" all of the questions asked of them...W O W.....You honestly expect us to believe this BS????
None of us were born yesterday..Just admit it, for once..SAVATAGE continued for the following reasons:
2) They (savatage) still had a record deal, and ATLANTIC records in NY wanted another record of the band's deal was in jepoardy. (As stated by Paul Oneil himself)

Any "reasons" that Mr. paul Oneil would spew out as to "why the band continued" are to go in one ear and out the other......Why,you ask???? Hmmmm........You tell me, WHAT ELSE does Paul Oneil have other than The Oliva Brothers, and now that One is gone, what else do he have other than JON OLIVA/SAVATAP/TSO/Dr.BUTCHER.....They are all really one in the same.
If you can answer me that...I would love to listen! And PLEASE spare me the "Oh, Paul is a big time producer.Blah, Blah, Blah....." Oh really? WHAT Else has he done other than SAVATAGE, METAL CHURCH (Both which sold about 25 copies), and a really, REALLY lame live recording for AEROSMITH back in the LATE 70's??
I can't wait to hear everyone run to Paul's defense...so, go ahead......Call me a fool, I just want to know the truth, don't you? I have NOTHING against the band, or Paul......I am just SO sick of hearing them backtalk around the questions about continuing the band.Its a FINANCIAL decision, period. And for those of you "Yeah, but they play clubs, and don't make alot of money" believers.....Let me inform you....Savatage, having been around for the length of time they have been, gets an above average recording advance, and they always sell the publishing rights to the songs on each record to an outside publisher..You know what that usually brings in? Around $100,000 per record. NOW, that 100,000 is split TWO, yes TWO ways.....Paul Oneil, and Jon Oliva...Maybe a few bucks to Johhny Lee, and everyone else is on Salary according to the drummer.
So....NOW you know why I ask.......Gentleman, care to fess up??

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