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Posted by Tony Hart on January 26, 99 at 01:34:18:

In Reply to: WHAT COMPLETE FUCKING BULLSHIT posted by Dave on January 22, 99 at 15:49:44:

It is obvious that all this bitterness is coming from ONE ( 1 ) sick individual. Too sick to even be aware how ill they are. So frustrated with their own friendless life to care if they hurt Criss's brother, parents and family with there irrational ravings. But interesting enough not so sick that they aren't weasely enough to hide behind several false names while propigating what to even the newest of fans are blatant lies.

If they really cared, ( and weren't ashamed of these lies ) they would post their real name & adrress. If they realy cared they would come to a Savatage show and adress there concerns to the people who REALLY KNEW CRISS not just worked up some sick obsesion in there mind. ( The band is famous in fan circles for there access to the fans ) You can curse at what I am saying here (since you know I'm right ) or you can show yourself and prove that you are not a coward as well as a liar but I doubt that will happen.

What Clay has taken the time to so kindly explain to you ( Instead of blowing you off since even when you are trying to hide it, your pathetic attempts to make your self seem big by hurting others still shows through ) is obviouly true. But you do not want to know the truth you just wish to hurt people close to Criss. ( Amazingly enough the people you would hurt the most are Criss's family )

Jon, Paul, Chris C., Al, J. Lee and Jeff all have great reputations. They are putting out one to two albums a year. How many more would you like them to make. If as you claim, they only have sold 25 piece why do all these labels keep giving them all this money to make these obviously expensive albums and videos? Are the labels as nuts as you are? No, they have obviously noticed that these men have incredible talent and an EXRTREMELY LOYAL following. Jon Oliva could get a record deal on his own name any time he wants ( Dr. Buthcher ), Al Pitrelli as obvious from his track record can play for any band he wants, ( Asia, ALice Cooper ) and I have read in several magazines other bands listing Paul on there wish list of producers. Also as far as Paul's Outside work is concerned you claim that he last worked with Aerosmith in 70s but I'm looking at an Aerosmith album with his name and the copywrite 1987. Right around the time he started working with Savatage who I imagne started taking up more of his time. How many albums a year would ou like teh man to make to satisfy you. ( By the way how many have you put out? ) AS far as Chris Caffery is concerened not only is he a great guitarist but he is also one of the nicest guys in the world. I personally saw him at a show once in New Jersey where he hung outside the bus for hours until every fan that wanted to talk to him had even though he was dog tired. Savatage has so much talent they could easily record under another name. ( PROOF? JUST LOOK AT ALL THE SIDE PRIJECTS THEY DO ( TSO, Butcher )LET ALONE TURN DOWN )

Perhaps in reality you hate Criss Oliva and realize that as Clay said that the absents of new albums would possibly bring about the cancelation of the old catologue ridding the world of Criss's legacy. As crazy as this sounds it makes a lot more sence than what you are claiminmg your motives are. Do you really believe that if Criss was alive he would like what you are doing? Ask any one who knew him. Don't bother answering this with any further ranting unless its to say what show or convention you will be at, along with your real name so that can find out the real truth. If you do not want the truth, wallow in your misery by yourself and stop annoying the world

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